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Welcome Caroline Hulse as a licensed Art Gallery Fabrics designer.

Hello fabric lovers,

As our birthday year continues, we have some very exciting news for you all! We are honored to welcome Caroline Hulse as a licensed Art Gallery Fabrics designer. You were all so Gleeful about her collection, we decided to expand her creative design aesthetics.


As you might know “sewing” was the last thing in Caroline’s mind. She attended A&M in search of a business degree, but was quickly disinterest of the corporate world, instead she found love and her new passion in sewing. She taught herself to sew, by watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and going through scraps of fabrics; it was then, Caroline the PATTERN DESIGNER was born. She loves designing and sewing her own garments and each piece she makes, tells a story of “a young woman pursuing her dreams”. She is bold, feminine, carefree and a romantic, and defines her style as “an ever-evolving mix of classic feminine romance and modern trends”, which reflects clearly on her Gleeful collection.

Caroline is the perfect example of “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Like Walt Disney once said. Learn more about Caroline in this interview and when she was first introduced as a Limited Edition designer.

Again, welcome HOME Caroline :)

Until next time,