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Low Value Speaks Loud

Hello & Happy Friday!

I will admit I had this post planned before "the dress" went viral. At the same time it helps because I want to talk about colour, and precisely of value.

Some might say "who cares?," but in the world of crafts, colour really influences the mood of our projects.

So let's talk about the new colour trends inspiration for Spring. I have always been for dancing to the rhythm of your own instinct when it comes to creating. Whether it is creating your wardrobe, or the quilts that will define the mood for your home.

What I find fun about having all these channels of communication at hand (insert Instagram and the other million apps and tools to find beautiful things) is that it really blurs the line of what is "trendy" or cool, and it allows for more experimentation without feeling like you are being pointed at (anyway the only one who should be happy about her/his choices is whoever is sporting them!). It is all there and we can pick and choose.

One of the things that is quite noticeable lately is a return for pastel/gelato tones that also have a sense of retro. This time; however, they are not the classic pastels with bows and pearls. Now they have a chalky feel to them and are accompanied by simple silhouettes and minimal styling which create a sense of boldness. In quilting this is very present with a new wave of doing low value quilts with accentuated shapes and angles. It is a way of saying "yes, I like soft, and I feel really strong about it."

It truly is a vintage breeze in a whole new day:





Speaking in AGF terms, Gossamer really pays homage to this new wave. You have pink, yellow, green, and blue together in a place where they harmonise, and what gives them this attribute is the value of each colour.



Based on my avatar >>, you can guess that nor my wardrobe nor my home include these tones, but I find the style so beautiful that I will make a quilt for Sunday morning snuggling (and perhaps another one for a pique-nique Pinterest style with the AGF fam).




For now we made this silky smooth blouse using the Sugar Pop Top pattern from Sew Caroline and the pretty Seed Puffs Tide voile from Gossamer:



So, what mood are you in?


i found the images of both rooms on