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Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine + GIVEAWAY!
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Hello Bear: Teddy Bear Zippy Bag Tutorial

Hello fabric lovers,

What's on your to sew list this year? Well I got another fun and easy project for you to add to your list! This Teddy Bear Zippy Bag is featuring fabric from the Hello Bear Fabric Collection by Bonnie Christine. Check out the lookbook by clicking here to find more fun projects using this fabric collection.  

Click here for pattern templates to make the Teddy Bear Zippy Bag! 



Things you will need: 

Fabric A - HBR-5438- 1/4 yd.
Fabric B- PE-429 - 1/4 yd.
Fabric C - PE-435- Scraps

Two (2) Zippy Bag Templates from Fabric A (Exterior) and C (Lining)
Four (4) Outer Ear Templates from Fabric A
Two (2) Inner Ear Templates from Fabric B
Two (2) Eye Templates in Fabric B
One (1) Nose Template in Fabric B

Interfacing Pieces: - Quilting Interfacing Fleece 987F

Two (2) Zippy Bag Templates
Two (2) Outer Ear Templates

Other Materials Needed: 
9” All Purpose Zipper
Steam A Seam


 Step 1:

Fuse both zippy bag fusible pieces to both zippy bag pattern pieces
cut in Fabric C. (Fuse to wrong side of fabric) Fuse both Outer Ear fusible pieces to two Outer Ear pieces cut from Fabric A. Apply steam a seam on back of Inner Ear pattern piece and iron to the right side of the outer ear piece. (Diagram 1.1) Leave as is or stitch around inner ear piece. Now sew this piece right sides together to another Outer Ear piece with fusible. (Diagram 1.2) Flip ear right side out and press. Repeat steps with remaining ear pieces to make other ear.


Step 2: 

Pin ears about 1” in on each side of the zippy bag pattern cut from Fabric A following diagram 2.1. Stitch ears down as close to the edge as possible. Sandwich zipper inbetween the lining and the exterior of the bag with right sides together. Sew zipper in place with zipper foot. (Diagram 2.2)


Step 3: 

Flip fabrics wrong sides together and press. (Diagram 3.1) Repeat same process on other side of zipper with the remaining lining and exterior pieces. Press (Diagram 3.2)


Step 4: 

Add your eyes and nose pieces to the front of your teddy bear zippy bag using steam a seam. Stitch around pieces if desired. Flip right sides of exterior of bag together and right sides of lining together. Sew all the way around following diagram 4.2. Leave a 4” unsewn hole to pull right sides of bag through. Flip bag through hole and hand sew hole shut.



Have fun making these adorable bags perfect for storing kids snacks, crayons and so much more! What will you use your Teddy Bear Zippy Bag for?  

Til Next Time,