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A bit of insight about AGF's creative process!

Hello Fabric Lovers, 

Today we want to share bits and pieces of the processes we have here at AGF when putting together a new collection for you to be inspired and create new things. 

Every time a collection comes out we sketch various figurines to get an idea of the garments we will be making for each collection released. It's very important for us that you get a clear idea of the fabrics' versatility. Why? Because we are inspired by the things you do.


1). We use Adobe Illustrator to first sketch the look. This program allows our creative team to modify lines, draw and size the figurines you see below.



2). Then we choose the collection we will use to dress the figurines. So we set up a board and start playing. With computer programs that allow our designers to use the same fabric colors in other pieces like, shoes, and extra accessories. This gives the figurines a sense of consistency in terms of colors.Ilustration1  


3). This is how a collection looks when we finish stylizing the croquees! We try to make a garment for every age and style. The creative process is always fun but there is a lot of work behind the scenes.


Illustration 5


Hope you have enjoyed the insight of our process and that we have sparked your creativity!


Happy Sewing,