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Sewing September with love!


Did you know September is Sewing Month? 

Today we want to honor and remember the art of sewing and the people who keep it alive!

As sewists and quilters, we are constantly bringing things together. Just pause for a second, and observe all the things in your life that come together because YOU are the thread holding them together!

AGF is grateful for your devotion to sewing, because without YOU nothing could be done, you are the vessel from which this art has risen! 

It's your nature to hold hands, connect and make beautiful things prevail to inspire other generations. YOU are an infinite thread of love.

September is special, because it celebrates an ancient tradition that has gone through many adjustments, always remaining essential to our lives.


A call to action! Because we are celebrating!

Sew your love and tag us anywhere you are!

We enjoy seeing what you all are sewing, quilting and creating! 

We have a couple of hashtags that can help us celebrate this month together! 








Thank you for stopping by our blog!

Happy Sewing Month


AGF Team