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Meet the Next Limited Edition Designers!

Hey lovelies!

Today is the day you all have been anxiously awaiting so, let's see if your guesses for our next Limited Edition designers will be confirmed!



We are so delighted to have these next two women bring designs and aesthetics that are in perfect tune with our Limited Edition brand. Their iconic identities are known throughout the fabric community as creative, inspiring, and uplifting. So, let's get to the big debut. In no particular order we welcome to the AGF family:



Katy Jones




Katy is a quilter with a passion for fashion and interiors. She lives in a small village in the North of England with her husband, two children, two cats and a very small dog.

Her obsession with quilting happened around 2008 but her love of fabric began as a child. She admits the discovery of quilting unleashed the fabric hoarding demons inside of her!

She loves the traditions of quilting, the history and the stories behind the creations. For Katy, quilting is about the communities created, the shared love of fabric and sewing, the joy of making and of gifting homemade.

Katy has authored two books with Martingale and contributed to many others as well as working on the editorial team of a UK based quilting magazine.


Follow Katy here: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Flickr



Maureen Cracknell



Maureen Cracknell lives in small town Potter Country, Pennsylvania. She is a mother, wife, blogger, quilter, and lover of all things creative and handmade.

Just a little over four years ago she started sewing and blogging at Maureen Cracknell Handmade; a simple, positive, and creative blog where she loves to share her projects, fabric stashes, sewing, and special family moments.

Two years into blogging, she opened a Facebook page with intentions to share and connect with people who, like her, live with a passion to sew and quilt---most of who follow her blog, which has been supported and grown to over eighty thousand followers. These supporters continually give her encouragement and the opportunity to follow her path of creating and sharing.

She's been a proud member of several fabric manufacturer design teams throughout the years, including Art Gallery Fabric’s popular Fat Quarter Gang, and continues to work as an Independent Designer for Janome Sewing Machines. She is incredibly grateful for each of the opportunities that have led her where to where she is today!


Follow Maureen:

Website |Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |Flickr


We're excited to have these brilliant women on our team!


We enjoy hearing your thoughts and speculations, thank you for sharing with us.

Stay tuned, and find out what these inventive women have been actively creating!


-AGF Team