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It's Official! Priory Square and Wild & Free for AGF Limited Edition



Hello fabric lovers! The full reveal is finally here!

Last week we shared the big news on our next Limited Edition designers, Maureen Cracknell and Katy Jones. All your feedback has been fascinating and we know you've been on the edge of your seats waiting to see what these lovely ladies have been up to.

So, today we are excited to reveal their upcoming collections with AGF available this fall!



First let's start with Maureen's collection for AGF Limited Edition, Wild & Free, available November 2014!


Wild & Free is a collection inspired by Maureen's lifelong love for Potter County, PA. Where the warm colors of wildflowers, glowing sun, and night sky jump out from the lush wooded landscapes.  

Flourishing wildflower sketches, pretty plaids, striking etchings, and the bohemian spirit creates these designs and dances across each print.  Maureen wanted to capture the feeling of freedom; when you let your hair down, kick off your shoes and run though the lush meadows. 

Wild & Free is a celebration of both raw beauty of the landscape, and loosing yourself in a long day spent exploring nature.




For the next collection we take flight to Priory Square, England.



Priory Square was inspired by where Katy lives, and the beauty that is England. She knew she wanted to create something inspired by her familiar surroundings, however, excluding the obvious associations one might have with England. 
Katy spent most of her childhood outdoors, encouraged to love the simple things in life, like flowers, plants, and roses. Ironically, she is a self-proclaimed terrible gardener, but an English Cottage garden makers her heart skip a beat, and reminisce back to her childhood years, which led Katy to create Cottagely Posy. 
Why Priory Square? Katy moved to Yorkshire to attend college, she fell in love with the scenery and wild countryside, which was extremely different from the agricultural area she knew as a child. The You Are Here (map print) is a vintage replica of the area where she spent 3 years at college, just after she moved to the West side of town, where she met her husband, got married, and soon after bought a tiny tittle stone cottage in Priory Square.
All the prints from Katy's collection are a journal page - it tells the story of her love for the beautiful country and gives you a little insight into who she is behind the quilts. 
Take a peek at the video our creative team has put together for you, and get to know more about these artistic women!
We hope we have inspired your creativity, and you enjoy these new collections coming this fall!
Priory Square will be available in October, Wild & Free will be available in November! Just enough time for you to start planning your fall projects with these new versatile collections. 
Thank you for all your support! 
AGF Team