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Get acquainted with Katarina Roccella. Auriful Interview + Giveway!

Happy Thursday!

Our newest member of the AGF family, Katarina Roccella, sat down and spoke with Kim Niedzwiecki of Aurifil about her upcoming thread and fabric collection, Indelible. Check out the interview, and get to know the woman behind the magic. 



What or who inspired you to want to learn to sew or design?

Being “crafty” and creative is something that consorted me since early childhood. I was raised in an artistic family. My father is a painter, my mother ceramic-pottery artist, sister is a production designer and growing in such an environment rich with artistic events and creating daily definitely determinate my life and creations. So, since my father was working as a graphic designer when I was just a little girl (no computer was used in that period), I often had the opportunities to create some smaller parts for some designs, when it was something in correspondence with or for children.

Well, sewing for children came much later, after my first daughter 13 years ago. When I found myself in the role of mother and therefore had very limited time to dedicate to art. So, being mainly in home with a need to create, I discovered the world of fabric, were the options were almost unlimited and very challenging. I always loved fabrics and funky patterns, giving the important roles in my graphic compositions and assemblages, but now I really wanted to learn to sew. I repaired my mother’s vintage sewing machine, bought some pattern magazines and the first results were very encouraging, pushing me more, giving me the goal to try more complicated techniques and garment pieces. I have always been more of a visual sewer, as the sewing explanations were sometimes like another unknown language for me, so with a lot of practice, after a few years, I achieved good sewing skills.



If you could paint a room an #auricolor color, what would it be?

1148 2BH – this teal is and will be one of my favourite colors ever since…I think it’s one of those colors that you may never be tired of and I have been dreaming about painting the main wall of my dining room in this color for a long time now (one of the walls in my booth was covered with this color that correspond perfectly to the AGF’s Cozumel blue – pure element color)

Do you participate in your local quilt guild or another sewing group?

No, unfortunately, in my country quilting is not popular and common as in the US. Once I started sewing more intensively (like 9 years ago), I joined a few on-line forums and sewing groups(mainly US people) that helped me a lot, not only with sharing my craft passions, projects and ideas, but with learning and gaining more advanced sewing skills, techniques and making some wonderful relationships. That led me to attend International Quilt Market and I started real life relationships. People in this industry will never cease to amaze me with theirs wonderful spirit, energy and creations.



If you were not sewing/designing, what profession would you choose?

Well, as an artist, it would always have to deal with some form of art. Until now, through my education and experience, I was so blessed to deal with many forms of art: collages, drawings, illustrations, calligraphy, graphic design, prints-mainly linocuts, photography, sewing.  I am very passionate about my work, whether it’s painting, drawing or sewing.  Now I am so happy to be living my dream of being a textile designer, where I have the chance to apply a bit of every creative discipline I mentioned before.

Actually, I am currently working toward my PhD in Applied Arts and Design and my goal is to implement printmaking, painting with the textile and quilt design, so I am dreaming about making a huge exhibition at the end of it, with many installations that would gather these three fields of art and design.


Katatrina Rocella_large_aurifil




Somewhere between magic and reality is an Indelible world. Katarina's collection is filled with exciting graphic weavings and stylized nature motifs that ripple through colored depths of pewter, turquoise and auburn.




We are contributing to Aurifi's GIVEAWAY! It includes a 40wt, large spool collection and a fat quarter bundle of all 20 prints of Indelible. Head over to Aurifil's Blog to enter or enter by clicking the GIVEAWAY link below, maybe you will be the lucky winner!!

Aurifil Blog 



Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed getting to know Katarina!


Happy sewing, 



Amanda Mae