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Traveling with Meadow: A Suitcase Tutorial

The Hoppy Pillow / A Tutorial with Littlest


Hello! As some of you may know, International Quilt Market is rapidly approaching. Here at AGF we are having a lot of fun sewing, crafting and getting everything ready for our booth displays. Thanks to your feedback we know that our efforts for beautiful displays is more than worth it; not only during Quilt Market, but also on all of our lookbook images. Today I am sharing a tutorial from one of my favourite photographs from our Littlest lookbook. An easy and adorable project that will bring hoppiness into any room.

Here is what you will need:

  1. One (1) 14 ½” square  of Heartfelt Leaf (Littlest by AGF In-house Studio)
  2. One (1) 14 ½” square of Tender Green (Pure Elements by AGF In-house Studio)
  3. One (1) 12” x  6” rectangle of Playful Petals Menthe (Littlest)
  4. One (1) 12” x 6”  rectangle of double side fusible light-weight interfacing
  5. One 14" pillow form
  6. Bunny Template


Take piece #3 and gently iron on one side of the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. Place the bunny template provided on top of the right side of the fabric and cut around it.


Peel of the other side of the interfacing from the bunny and iron it on top of piece #1 on the right side of the fabric. Make sure that it is aligned at the centre.


Take piece #2 and place it on top of piece #1 face-to-face. Sew around ¼” away from the edge and leave an opening of at least 3” at the bottom of the pillow to turn it right side out.


Turn it right side out, and insert a pillow form that fits. Close the opening with a blind stitch (by hand). You are done!




I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Rock 'n Sew,