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Chic Flora: One block, Three Looks

Here is a new series of our "one block, three looks" posts.

On our previous posts (one, two, and  three) we have maintained the same block design and changed all the fabrics to make a point on how fabric selection plays the roll on a quilt. This time we changed things a little bit by NOT changing all of the fabrics in the block. We constructed three blocks with the same prints from Chic Flora on the exact same places, and only changed what could be called the "background" fabric. This experiment shows how choosing a fabric with either a light, medium, or dark value can really have an impact on the overall look and mood of a quilt.

For the light value fabric we chose Light Citron from Pure Elements:


Notice how with Light Citron the Chic Flora prints jump out, and the darkest one (Innocent Charm Acai) sets the pattern for the eye. Choosing this combination also creates a very fresh and citrus quilt adequate for light breeze summer days.

For the medium value fabric we chose Bubblegum from Floral Elements:



Aside from making this quilt ultra feminine, the pink colour compliments the tones found in the main floral print from Chic Flora. It also balances the protagonism of the blue and stops it from being the main focus, allowing the eye to simultaneously notice other prints like Joie de Clair.

The last and darkest in value fabric that we used is Charcoal from Nature Elements:


The effect created here is the opposite to the Light Citron choice. the light tones on the Chic Flora prints are now the highlight. The blue fabric becomes secondary and the green petals in the main prints are now sophisticated touches on a quilt for an urban home rather than for a summer picnic.

I hope you enjoy these experiments we create for you and that they serve as a tool to facilitate your quilt design process.

Rock 'n Sew,