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AGF Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Pt.1

Hello everyone!

Today we're very happy to give you a preview of our Spring/Summer 2014 collection line-up!

Watch the neat video we put together for you.


Art Gallery Fabrics Upcoming 2014 Spring/Summer Collections | Part 1 from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.


We hope to have captured your imagination with fabrics that are innovative and stand out both in design and quality. More than anything we want to make your project visions and dreams come to life! Have a favorite? Ask your independent quilt and fabric shop about it!

To view the full collection of [knits], head to this page. For our (voiles), click here.

Stay tuned for Pt.2!

AGF Team

Confection Kitchen Set by Pat Bravo

We had to share this great free pattern created by one of our designers, Pat Bravo. It is a great kitchen set, it would be a beautiful accent in your kitchen or a thoughtful gift. Take a look at her blog post for all the details.




We hope you like it. We encourage you to explore her blog because she has a Rapture bundle giveaway going on, and two winners will be chosen!

Rock 'n Stitch,


AGF Welcomes Katarina Roccella!


Hello everyone!

Meet Katarina Roccella, our newest fabric designer! She was born in Belgrade, Serbia where she’s currently living with her husband and her 3 kids. Art plays a big role in her life; with a master in Fine Arts on her shoulders and a PhD on its way, you can say she enjoys making collages, illustrations, calligraphy, graphic design, graphic prints; but sewing doesn't come behind! 

We are very excited to have Katarina on our team! We believe that our first European designer will bring a very distinct point of you to her collection, because of the European cultural mix she carries and the multiple talents she can apply to her prints.

Here’s a video she prepared for you talking a little bit about herself and her first collection with AGF, Indelible. Enjoy!

Welcome to Art Gallery Fabrics, Katarina Roccella! from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.


A little bit about Indelible

Indelible logo 6x3__1

Indelible incorporates aesthetic elements of her homeland country, Serbia, and of things that inspire her, such as flowers, vintage text and animals. Her line is a mix of modern, fresh and vintage. The collection is available in two color palettes and we will be shipping June 2014, so not too much time to wait, right?



Hope you enjoyed getting to know about Katarina! If you want to see more of her work, check out her website

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!



Safari Moon Blog Hop Roundup

Hi guys! 

Did you follow the Safari Moon blog hop? Frances Newcombe selected a very talented group of quilters to join her blog hop, which started February 24th and ended March 12th. The projects showcased quilts, accessories and home décor pieces made with Safari Moon's rich fabrics!

The order of the pictures below are according to the order of the dates they were posted.

Now let’s take a look at these beauties!


Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons made the beautiful quilt on the left, and Lindsay Conner from Craft Buds made the modern and asymmetric Playing Cards quilt.


Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness made the lovely Katydid bag on the left, and Cristy Fincher from Sew Much Like Mom made Safari Cruise with Safari Moon and Pure Elements


Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter made the amazing quilt on the left, and Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced made the bold quilt on the right. 


This HST pillow was made by Terri Harlan from Sew Fantastic. Jane Davidson from Quilt Jane made this fabulous foot stool on the right.

When Terri from Sew Fantastic was working on her pillow, she had the opportunity to help a little girl fighting cancer. She took an odd block from the quilt, and made it into an 18x18" quilted pillow cover. This cover was auctioned off along with another one she made with the help of many handmade artisans. She raised almost $3,000 dollars, which she donated to the little girl’s family. Way to go Terri!


Lynne Goldsworthy from Lily’s Quilts decided to make a Staple Dress from the beautiful zebra print and Sandy Whitelaw from Upstairs Hobby Room came up with a couple of projects! She made cup cozies, pouches, and a supersized quilt!


Katy Jones from Imagingermonkey made theis beautiful quilt and pillow with Safari Moon! And Victoria Findlay-Wolf from Bumblebeansin made the fantastic quilt on the right.


And the last project is the creation of blogger Megan Bohr from Canoe Ridge Creations. She chose to pair four prints from the Safari Moon line with a crisp white solid and her delicate Starburst mini quilt pattern.

To finish off, Frances is doing an amazing giveaway! She’s giving a fat quarter bundle of the entire collection on her blog!!! The two lucky winners will be announced soon on Frances’ blog. For more details, check her blog here!

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday <3



Drift by Angela Walters, Invites You to a Tropical Paradise


Hello everyone,

Meet our newest collection, Drift! We couldn't be happier to announce the release of Angela Walters' third collection for AGF! Drift was inspired by her trip to St. John's Island. 

"I immersed myself in the lush, tropical landscape and let my mind focus and drift to the things that caught my attention. I was wrapped up in the tiniest of details; the brickwork on the village streets, the woven patterns on the chairs, and even the tablecloth of a roadside shack that served up the best conch fritters." 

-Angela Walters


Drift was designed in two different two color palettes, Ocean and Houses, where the colors of the ocean intertwine with the textures of the villas. They feature tints of blues, greens and corals. 

Ocean consists of fresh blues and delicate greens.


Houses consist of soft greens and corals. 


AGF's team got very creative when shooting Meadow! Our team and our model ended up taking some pictures on a roof! Check out the pictures below to see some more AGF's photoshoot adventures and to see some a m a z i n g home decor & fashion projects with Drift. 













Here is a special selection of Drift's coordinating blenders:Drift_Coordianting_Blenders

Pure Elements: PE-402 Cozumel Blue, PE-451 Icy Mint, PE-415 Parisian Blue, PE-403 Fresh Water, PE-443 Sweet Mint, PE-445 Mink, PE-411 Quartz Pink, and PE-421 Honey. Floral Elements: FE-519 Icy Blue and FE-523 Green Wood. Nature Elements:NE-100 Ocean Breeze and NE-124 Dusty Mauve.

Check out our beautiful Drift lookbook! It has lots of Summer inspirational pictures and a range of DIY fun projects for you! 



Get the free quilt pattern Island Leis designed by Angela Walters to take you to a tropical paradise.  Island_leis_COVERweb

Drift is in stores!! Click here to find your nearest independent quilt and fabric shop stocked with Drift. Or, if you prefer to shop online, check the online shops that carry AGF here.

We are dying to see your projects with Drift! Don't forget to tag them with #artgalleryfabrics and #driftcollection

Thank you so much for tuning in guys! Have a great day and I hope Drift inspires you to leave all your worries behind.. 





Chic Flora: One block, Three Looks

Here is a new series of our "one block, three looks" posts.

On our previous posts (one, two, and  three) we have maintained the same block design and changed all the fabrics to make a point on how fabric selection plays the roll on a quilt. This time we changed things a little bit by NOT changing all of the fabrics in the block. We constructed three blocks with the same prints from Chic Flora on the exact same places, and only changed what could be called the "background" fabric. This experiment shows how choosing a fabric with either a light, medium, or dark value can really have an impact on the overall look and mood of a quilt.

For the light value fabric we chose Light Citron from Pure Elements:


Notice how with Light Citron the Chic Flora prints jump out, and the darkest one (Innocent Charm Acai) sets the pattern for the eye. Choosing this combination also creates a very fresh and citrus quilt adequate for light breeze summer days.

For the medium value fabric we chose Bubblegum from Floral Elements:



Aside from making this quilt ultra feminine, the pink colour compliments the tones found in the main floral print from Chic Flora. It also balances the protagonism of the blue and stops it from being the main focus, allowing the eye to simultaneously notice other prints like Joie de Clair.

The last and darkest in value fabric that we used is Charcoal from Nature Elements:


The effect created here is the opposite to the Light Citron choice. the light tones on the Chic Flora prints are now the highlight. The blue fabric becomes secondary and the green petals in the main prints are now sophisticated touches on a quilt for an urban home rather than for a summer picnic.

I hope you enjoy these experiments we create for you and that they serve as a tool to facilitate your quilt design process.

Rock 'n Sew,