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February 2014

The Countdown Begins

AGF Limited Edition. This is the big announcement we revealed last week but gave you little else to go by. Today, as we're inching closer and closer to its March 5th release, we want to charm you with another teaser.  
Here are the secret faces of Limited Edition's first team of collaborators. 
We reached out to them pursuing an answer. "What gap would you like to see filled in the fabric industry?" These talented women gave us illuminating answers from their individual areas of expertise. 
And now, this group of three designers/sewers/makers are ushering in the Limited Edition concept for AGF, bringing with them very distinct styles that will triumph together with the spirit of our brand. 
Mark your calendars for March 5th!
- AGF Team

Valentine's Day Printables with <3 from AGF

This time we are early (I hope) with the holiday printables. We wanted to gift you (and/or the children) an AGF option to print and gift on the "official" day for love (but we all know everyday is a day for love).

We have four different options:

Inspired by Essentials by Pat Bravo (coming soon)



Inspired by Reminisce by Bonnie Christine



Inspired by Tule by Leah Duncan



Inspired by Safari Moon by Frances Newcombe:


To print them click here

You can also see our tutorial for the Heart Envelope Bag


We hope you like them, have a fun weekend!


Coming Soon to AGF


A year of exciting releases have paved the way for an ambitious and exciting project coming soon to Art Gallery Fabrics. This new project will mark a distinct, trend-setting shift within our company and ripple throughout the fabric industry and its sewing, quilting and crafting community.

We can’t wait to tell you more in the coming weeks!


- AGF Team


The Tiny Fedora | A Toddler Hat Tutorial

First I must mention the release of Littlest... I mean, I know I am supposed to be a little biased, but that collection is awesomely cute.

Since right now we are so smitten by all this baby/toddler cuteness, we created a pattern for a tiny fedora (cue: get smitten). In this instance we used a combination of grey and pink Chromatics to bring modernity to this classic hat shape, and also because we think grey for children is spot-on.



Here is what you will need:

  1. One fat quarter of Triangularity Stardust (Chromatics by AGF In-house Studio)
  2. 3/8 yd. of Light Grey (Pure Elements by AGF In-house Studio) for the lining
  3. (1) One 5” x 23 ½” strip of Fancy Buttons Rose (Chromatics)
  4. (1) One 1 3/4” x 23 ½” strip of Fancy Buttons Rose (Chromatics)
  5. (1) One 1” x 23” Strip (cut on bias) of Light Grey (Pure Elements)
  6. (1) 18" x 22" piece of heavy-weight fusible interfacing.

Use the template provided and follow the instructions for the construction of this hat. This pattern template hat will fit a toddler. Start cutting your pattern pieces as shown in the diagrams below:

From Triagularity Stardust: Cut 1 (one) piece of each of the pattern pieces:


From Light Grey: Cut 2 (two) pieces of all the pattern pieces, except for the brim pattern piece from which you will cut only 1:


From the heavy-weight fusible interfacing: Cut 1 (one) of each of the pattern pieces without the ¼” seam allowance.


Start constructing the hat by placing the back side of the hat on top of the front side face-to-face. Align them and sew them closed on the short edges. the new piece should form a cylindrical shape with an oval hole in the middle. Press the seams open and turn the piece inside-out.


Place the top piece (with the wrong side of the fabric towards you) on the previously sewn piece and start to pinning around the top edge. Sewing all around to close the top of the hat.



Iron the heavy-weight fusible interfacing to the lining pieces (you should have three pieces left without interfacing) Repeat the first constructions step with the lining (and fused) pieces.




Take the two brim pattern pieces align them together and sew them all the way around on the longer curved edge. Open the piece and press the seams towards the lining piece. Fold it in half lengthwise (careful not to make an evident crease) and sew the short edges together (face-to-face). Fold the piece on the long curved edge wrong sides facing, and you have the brim:


Insert the lining into the top of the hat (interfacing should be in between both pieces). Now attach the brim to the bottom edge of the hat by pinning and sewing the open side of the brim to the bottom (and closing the brim simultaneously) of the hat all the way around. Be careful and sew slowly (you don’t want to break your needle since you are working with heavy-weight fusible interfacing).


Take the pieces that are left of the Light Grey fabric and attach them together as you did on the first construction step (This pieces should not have interfacing).

Make a bias strip with the fabric that was left from the Light Grey fabric. You should have enough left to cut a 1” x 23” bias strip (if not cut more strips and attach them until you get the desired length). When you have your bias strip, sew it aligned to the edge where the crown and the brim meet. Insert the last lining piece (the one made on the previous step) with the right side of the fabric facing out, inside of the crown of the hat.


Fold the bias strip inwards and hand-stitch it to the lining with a blind stitch all the way around folding ¼” in as you stitch. This way you will have a clean finish where the crown and the brim meet inside.


Take the 5” x 23 ½” of Fancy Buttons Rose and make pleats ½” wide, this size will give you room to make three pleats.


Sew horizontally every 4” to make the pleats stay in place. Place the pleated strip on top of the 1 3/4” x 23 ½” backing strip face-to-face and sew the long edges (they should match in size). Turn the band inside out.

Diagram-14Fold one of the edges 1/4" inwards and press. Wrap the band around the hat to measure what the exact length is, and insert the undone end into the folded end. Carefully remove it and do a top stitch to close the band. Once sewn, place it on the hat again with the seam on the center back of the hat and pushed all the way down to where the brim starts. Do some blind stitches around the band to secure it to the crown and you are done!


Please share what you make with the (hashtag) #artgalleryfabrics #chromaticscollection

Rock 'n Sew,