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Meadow by Leah Duncan, the Perfect Summer Day.
A Pieced Look with Applique using Chromatics by AGF

Meet our First Limited Edition Team!

Hey everybody!

Today we're excited to reveal the names and faces on our Limited Edition project! Many of your guesses are about to be confirmed, so let's start with introductions. 
This incredible group of women will be diversifying our brand with styles and skills that are as inspiring as they are diverse. So, in no particular order, we're very proud to welcome to the AGF family:
April Rhodes

April is a dreamer, crafter, wife, and mother. She was eight years old when her mom first taught her to use a sewing machine and her passion bloomed. Making pretty things brings her fulfillment and joy.

April is quite the fashion enthusiast and loves wearing what she makes. It gives her a great sense of pride to walk around in a dress she's sewn herself. She says it’s like a fun little secret... “I made it myself.”  

It was that feeling of fulfillment that drove her to create simple garment patterns for women’s home sewing. Her first pattern, The Staple Dress, released last year with an amazing reception into the sewing community. The success of that first release has both humbled and excited her. Invigorated by the thought of other crafters using her work, patterns or fabric, to pursue their own creative endeavors--makes her heart skip!

"It's important for me to stay close to family and friends as well as our shop, Sew To Speak. A fabric store I helped my mother open in 2008."

In addition to sewing, she enjoys dabbling in interior design and DIY home decor, photography, antiquing and vintage camper rehab. She currently lives in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where her and husband, Jeff, have a mid-century ranch. They are pursuing their dreams while raising their two daughters.
Visit her website:


Sara Lawson



Sara Lawson currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and is mom to 7-year-old William and 5-year-old Violet. Sara loves sewing, horses, photography, books, Australian shepherds, and music.

Sewing is a passion that runs in Sara’s family. She grew up seeing her grandmother, mother and aunts sewing. She learned the basics when she was in 3rd grade, when her mom gave her and her friend sewing classes once a week. The first thing she made was a dress which she proudly wore to school.
Fast forward to 2010, Sara started her sewing blog, Sew Sweetness, named after one of her favorite Jimmy Eat World songs. "It just sounded appropriate with the word 'sew' in front of it." She started to blog not only because the online sewing community inspired her to share her creations, but because she was passionate about sewing.

Since 2010, Sara has garnered a great list of accomplishments; she has written more than 40 bag patterns, she has had a variety of items showcased at Quilt Market booths, and her work has been featured in both national and international sewing magazines. In November of 2013 she had her first book published, Big-City Bags, and she’s currently working on her second book.

Visit her website:



Caroline Hulse



Caroline currently resides with her husband and their puppy in Fort Worth, TX. In her free time, Caroline loves to travel, walk her pup and create adventures in her everyday life.

She grew up in the piney woods of East Texas where a sewing machine was the furthest thing from her mind. She loved being outdoors and most evenings you could find her riding her bike through the neighborhood. She went off to Texas A&M in search of a business degree, but what she found was a husband and a total disinterest in the corporate world.

The Christmas after she turned 20 Caroline received a sewing machine as a gift. Her sewing machine sat on a shelf for the better part of two years, until one day she decided to figure out how to work it. She watched YouTube videos, read blogs, and went through a lot of scrap fabrics before she found where to put the bobbin, how to thread the machine, and how to set the tension straight!

Since then, she’s found her passion in sewing and designing women’s garments. Caroline defines her style an ever-evolving mix of classic feminine romance and modern trends. Seeing a pile of fabric transform into something beautiful to dress herself amazes her every time.

Her favorite quote, by Walt Disney: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Visit her website:



We're over the moon to be working with this dream team! It's been so much fun hearing your thoughts and speculations. Thanks to all who have shared and spread the word, you've helped the excitement continue to build. Stay tuned for the next post as we'll be revealing the work they've been up to with us!


- AGF Team