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A Pieced Look with Applique using Chromatics by AGF

For the Chromatics Lookbook we created this pillow using appliqué. This technique helped us achieve a pieced look with texture and dimension. Another plus is that we can avoid the seams on the background fabric for a smooth feel. 




 To create this look this is what you will need:

  1. (2) 19” Square of Nocturnal (Pure Elements by AGF In-house Studio)
  2. (1) 2” x 15 ¾” Strip of Love Notes Retro (Chromatics by AGF In-house Studio)
  3. (1) 2” x 14 ¼” Strip of Love Notes Retro (Chromatics)
  4. (1) 2” x 7 ¾” Strip of Triangular Mustard (Chromatics)
  5. (1) 2” x 10 ¼” Strip of Fancy Buttons Grey (Chromatics)
  6. (1) 2” x 9 ¾” Strip of Fancy Buttons Grey (Chromatics)
  7. (1) 2” x 9 ¼” Strip of Pointelle Yellow (Chromatics)
  8. (1) 2” x 12” Strip of Pointelle Yellow (Chromatics)
  9. (1) 2” x 11 ¾” Strip of Triangularity Moon (Chromatics)
  10. (1) 2” x 16” Strip of Triangularity Moon (Chromatics)
  11. (1) 1” x 6 ¾” Strip of Ash (Pure Elements)
  12. (1) 1” x 8 ¾” Strip of Ash (Pure Elements)
  13. Steam-a-Seam double stick fusible.



Start by attaching the Steam-a-Seam to all of the strips.

Refer to the first photograph for fabric placement.

Iron on the long strips (be mindful of the order since the Ash grey pieces go on what we can call a "second layer" of appliqué) to the true side of one of the 19” squares of Nocturnal. Sew a top-stitch 1/8” from the edge around each strip to hold them in place 


Now take the 19” square that was left and place it on top of the worked square (face-to-face) and sew ½” around leaving an opening at the bottom that is long enough to turn the piece inside out (around 4").

Insert an 18" pillow form and close the opening with an invisible stitch by hand.

You are done!


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and incorporate this technique in your AGF projects. If you do make sure to share it with us using the (hashtag) #artgalleryfabrics #myAGFprojects

Rock 'n Sew,