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Littlest By AGF In-House Studio, Love the Little Things in Life.


Hello everyone!

The wait is finally over! We’re happy to announce Littlest’s arrival.

The collection was designed by AGF In-house Studio. These enchanting fabrics inspire all sorts of precious projects for kids and grown-ups alike. Elements such as bunnies and flowers capture the child-like innocence of the prints.



The collection's main colors consist of a palette of mints, greys and peach.

Below you can see into the rose woods featuring hues of peaches and grays.


Into the Pine Woods featuring shades of mint and spruce.


We’ve put together a range of home decor projects, apparel, shoes, accessories and quilts that can be made using Littlest lovable fabrics.


Littlest_bib_1 Collage_room2 Littlest_crib_3



For more inspiration you can check out our look book which is available online, showcasing more projects you can try using Littlest fabrics. 

A selection of Littlest's coordinating blenders:

Pure Elements Solids: PE-452 Spruce, PE-424 Mirage Blue, PE-412 Tender Green, PE-431 Mystic Grey, PE-444 Peach Sherbet, PE-427 Spiceberry, PE-432 Sandstone and PE-450 Grapefruit. Squared Elements: SE-606 Shadow and SE-601 Rosewater. Oval Elements: OE-936 Sage Meadow and OE-931 French Vanilla. 


Get the free quilt pattern Some Bunny Loves You designed by AGF Studio especially for you!


The new collection is officially in stores! Click here to find the closest fabric shops to you that are currently carrying Littlest. Or, if you prefer to shop online, there’s a website list here.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy these adorable fabrics as much as we do. And don’t forget to tag pictures of your work using Littlest fabrics with #artgalleryfabrics and #littlest so we can see what you created.



Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine, Spring Has Come Early!


Hi everyone!

We are coated in nature's sweet nectar today! By nectar we mean fabric, and by sweet we mean Sweet as Honey. This fabric collection (Bonnie Christine's second with AGF) is officially out in stores and ready to be warmly welcomed into your stash!




Explore the blooming earth beneath your feet and up in the air through this woodland themed fabric collection. Sweet as Honey takes you to a place in nature where the birds are in jovial flight, and the honey is extra sweet. Its designed gardens of flora and fauna flourishes with two organic color palettes featuring tones of powdery umber, sun-kissed tangerine and corals, and hints of leafy green and sky-blue.



Spring Harvest colorway; bright and cheery.


Autumn Harvest; bold and sophisticated


Sweet as Honey reveals its fabric potential through home decoration projects, imaginative quilts both modern and traditional, accessories, and apparel.










To get inspired, jump into the look book we have put together for you highlighting a range of projects to try, and rich with photos that showcase these fabrics’ versatility. 



A selection of Sweet as Honey's coordinating blenders:


Pure Elements Solids: PE 421 Honey, PE 431 Mystic Gray, PE 446 Honey Dew, PE 444 Sherbet, PE 409 Light Citron, PE 406 Burnt Orange, PE 422 Chocolate. Squared Elements: SE 616 Carbon, SE 615 Mandarin, SE 603 Lemongrass. Floral Elements: FE 501 Spicy Brown, FE 519 Icy Blue


Get the free pattern for the Honey Pot quilt! Beautifully designed for you by Bonnie Christine.




Find out if your nearest independent quilt and fabric shop is currently stocked on Sweet As Honey, or is planning on it! Or, if you're part of the growing consumer base that prefers to shop online, we've got that website list here.

Thanks for reading!
(p.s., use these hashtags on your projects: #sweetashoney #artgalleryfabrics)





Happy Friday, and I hope everyone is having a creative and exciting week (or the week you imagined). Here at the AGF studio this week has been fun. We had a couple of photo-shoots and we got to explore new areas in our city (Miami for those who are wondering). We found this awesome farm (thanks to Lorena's suggestion) in the middle of a residential neighbourhood that was truly fascinating. 

For a while I have had this bed-runner/table-runner/beautiful-wall-hanging-to-simply-stare-at-and-feel-joy. I designed it using fat quarters of blue and red prints from Chromatics, and complementing colours from our Pure Elements. I learned about quilting when I started working at AGF, and I must admit I learn to love it and appreciate it a little bit more everyday.

This is it hanging from the stairway to a tree-house (!!!). The best part was that the IMAGINE wooden sign was already there, with a commanding voice that was pleasant to hear. I am happy we found this place to finally share this red-white & blue creation.


Here is a closer view:


Since this project was kind of an experiment, I don't have a tutorial for it, but I will list the fabrics I used.


Pointelle Navy

Pointelle Pink

Triangularity Oxford

Fancy Buttons Blue

Love Notes Anthro



Icy Mint

Cherry Lipgloss

Nocturnal (backing)

The finished size is 18" x 58 1/2". Each unfinished strip was 4" and the fabrics are placed at random (I chose where they went, but it is not a sequence).


So go for it, start creating and bring your imagination into reality.

Rock 'n Sew,


Wash & Wear Travel Pouch Tutorial


Hello! How is 2014 going so far? I always write about how time goes by rather quickly, but I mean, I feel like it was last week when I posted the Sprouts of Joy tutorial that had somewhat of a holiday theme, and now here I am with a travel-themed tutorial half-way (almost) through January. All of that said (phew!), I know that travelling is on top of the list for most of us, and even the messiest packers (rolls eyes and whistles) enjoy an organised suitcase. The purpose of this tutorial is to make the packing and unpacking experience easier on you (the traveller). This little Wash & Wear Travel Pouch, is big enough to store underwear, but I say, if you really love the idea of this for all of your garments, make a bigger one by just increasing the dimensions proportionally.

Here is what you will need:


For the front piece take pieces 1, 2 and 3 and attach them together in the order 213.

For the back piece take piece 4 and 5 and sew them together on the short side


Take piece 8 and lightly iron just one side of the double stick fusible on it, now using the template as guide cut out the word WASH and repeat the same steps with piece 9 cutting out the word WEAR.


Carefully take the paper out of the letters and place them on top of their respective colour. Make sure they are aligned and centred. Iron them on the fabric. To further secure sew 1/8” around the letters (raw edge appliqué).


Place the back piece on top of the front piece face-to-face and sew along the long edges from corner to corner 1/4" away from the edge.


Turn the piece inside out and sew a vertical line exactly at the centre grabbing both layers (this creates the separation between the clean pieces and the not-so-clean ones).


For the lining we are using pieces 6 and 7. Fold piece 6 in half and sew both of the long edges ¼” away leaving the top open, repeat the same step with piece 7.


Insert the lining into the main piece alternating the colours.


Now you are ready to add the zippers to each opening. Previous to attaching them, clean the raw edges either with a serger or with a zig-zag stitch. Open the zipper. Place it facing downwards, and with the zipper's teeth pointing down and out of the pouch, align the zipper's edge (opposite to the teeth) to the pouche's top-edge and stitch it in place 3/8" away from the edge. Repeat this step on both sides of the pouch.


This is how it would look from the side (the line in the middle is one of the side-seams):


When you are done stitching hide the edge inside of each pocket, and close the zipper. The last step is to add two pairs of clasps on the back of the pouch, close to both edges. This is optional, but it is meant to decrease the size of the pouch by half if needed. You are done!





To a more organised 2014, and lots and lots of travelling adventures.

Rock 'n Sew,


Chromatics: A New Take on Your Favorites


Hi everyone!

Today we're happy to announce our newest collection, Chromatics, is now in stores and available for you to get your hands on!



We've compiled some of your favorite Art Gallery prints and renewed them with a refreshing assortment of gorgeous colors. Chromatics is comprised of four print groups within 21 fabrics that hold boundless creative potential!



For this collection, one of our intentions was to make it easier for you to mix-n-match with your existing Art Gallery stash. The new color variations are meant to play well with other prints and blenders and we think the range is fair game for sewing and quilting projects alike.

We're picturing tons of children's clothes, home decor, e.g., pillows, quilted wall hangings, oh and bags--just to start.

For project inspiration and ideas to get you started, check out the collection's lookbook here!


The best part about our job here at AGF: when our customers' hands, needles and threads meet our fabrics and sparks fly (or in your case, scraps).

Find out if your nearest independent quilt and fabric shop is currently stocked on Chromatics, or is planning on it! Or, if you're part of the growing consumer base that prefers to shop online, we've got that website list here.

So tell us your thoughts and plans! We're hoping to see you around the web kicking off the new year with dazzling, and modern handmade creations using Chromatics. 2014 is going to be a huge year of releases for Art Gallery and your involvement is crucial!


Thanks for reading!
(p.s., use this hashtag on your projects: #chromatics)


Jump In and Explore: Safari Moon by Frances Newcombe



Happy new year everyone! We've got a great announcement for all our fabric lovers and it is radiant!

France Newcombe's much anticipated, breakthrough fabric collection, Safari Moon, is now in stores and ready for your hands to get a hold of!




Our newest designer and all around super star, Frances, took the award for Best New Exhibitor at this past Quilt Market for her Safari Moon booth and we know her success will continue with the launch of the collection. To read more on Frances Newcombe, take a peek at her welcoming post




This fabric collection captures the feeling of exploring the African plains with motifs of sunsets on the horizon, residing critters, mammals and plant life.



Safari Moon shimmers with its incredibly rich color, vibrancy and exotic designs.



This quilt is available as a free pattern made specially for Safari Moon and you can download it here.

For an amazing in-depth look into the entire line, explore the lookbook. In it you'll find tons inspiration and direct links to patterns, tutorials and projects you can try with Safari Moon. Bring lushness to your quilts, garments and sewing adventures with this brand new collection of fabrics! And as always, share your AGF projects with us via our social media channels:

#artgalleryfabrics, #safarimoon
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