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Rapture has Arrived. Time to Let Your Creativity Blossom!

Rapture, by Pat Bravo, is inspired by the story of a girl living within life's creative realm. Her playful and carefree attitude gives way to a sophisticated artistic palette from which she brings her ideas to life. Her creations meander between the beautiful elements she captures in nature, and the spontaneous strokes from her paint brush, pens and pencils.

These fabrics reflect her story with hues of bright lemon, coral and teal, and modern elements that are imaginative but also retain a classic and confident femininity.

We're happy to introduce the Rapture lookbook! The idea was born out of our desire to bring more functionality to our shops and consumers with every release of a new fabric collection.

In addition to it being the best, most concise visual summary of the collection, it also has a few great features we think you'll like:

• Images with "Pattern" labels that link directly to the pattern or instruction's source; whether it's on a website, shop, or magazine--free or paid--we've found it and linked it for you!

• An integrated worldwide online shopping map made to help you instantly find my fabrics, patterns and buy online directly from your favorite retailer!

As always, we're happy to bring you this collection's free quilt pattern, titled Blissful. It's a great and fresh beginner's quilt that will give you a perfect place to start with this collection. Download the free PDF instructions here.

We hope you're excited about these new gorgeous new fabrics as much as we are!

<3 AGF