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Rapture has Arrived. Time to Let Your Creativity Blossom!

Rapture, by Pat Bravo, is inspired by the story of a girl living within life's creative realm. Her playful and carefree attitude gives way to a sophisticated artistic palette from which she brings her ideas to life. Her creations meander between the beautiful elements she captures in nature, and the spontaneous strokes from her paint brush, pens and pencils.

These fabrics reflect her story with hues of bright lemon, coral and teal, and modern elements that are imaginative but also retain a classic and confident femininity.

We're happy to introduce the Rapture lookbook! The idea was born out of our desire to bring more functionality to our shops and consumers with every release of a new fabric collection.

In addition to it being the best, most concise visual summary of the collection, it also has a few great features we think you'll like:

• Images with "Pattern" labels that link directly to the pattern or instruction's source; whether it's on a website, shop, or magazine--free or paid--we've found it and linked it for you!

• An integrated worldwide online shopping map made to help you instantly find my fabrics, patterns and buy online directly from your favorite retailer!

As always, we're happy to bring you this collection's free quilt pattern, titled Blissful. It's a great and fresh beginner's quilt that will give you a perfect place to start with this collection. Download the free PDF instructions here.

We hope you're excited about these new gorgeous new fabrics as much as we are!

<3 AGF

Stellar Satchel Tutorial


Hello eveyone! 

This week I'm here with what I believe is an awesome tutorial for one of my favourite kinds of bag: A satchel. We created a very basic satchel tutorial that is beginner friendly, and also quick to make as a gift. This is a perfect project to display fabric design through a fun shape. We chose the Whimsicöl Tide Panel from Nördika by Jeni Baker for the outside of the bag to display the playfulness of this fabric design and complemented it with Stellar Moonlight for the lining. The fabric choice will truly elevate this bag design. You can choose a playful design like this one, or another option is to choose a pastel floral design for a more romantic look (it is quite hard to choose from so many beautiful possibilities at AGF).

Here is what you will need:

1 Whimsicöl Tide Panel

1/2 yd. Stellar Moonlight


  1. (1) 9” x 12 ½” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Panel (Nördika)
  2. (1) 12” x 15” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Panel (Nördika)
  3. (1) 9” x 12 ½” rectangle of Stellar Moonlight (Nördika)
  4. (1) 12” x 15” rectangle of Stellar Moonlight (Nördika)
  5. (1) 28 ¾ x 3” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Panel (Nördika)
  6. (1) 3" x 28 ¾”rectangle of Stellar Moonlight (Nördika)
  7. (2) 4” x 8 ½” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Pane (Nördika)
  8. (2) 4” x 2 ½” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Pane (Nördika)
  9. (2) 4” x 6 ½” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Pane (Nördika)
  10. (1) 36” x 3 ½” rectangle of Whimsicöl Tide Pane (Nördika)
  11. (2) 1 ½” wide semi-circle belt hoops.
  12. (1) 9” x 12 ½” rectangle of medium weight fusible interfacing
  13. (1) 12” x 15” rectangle of medium weight fusible interfacing
  14. (1) 28 ¾” x 3” rectangle of medium weight fusible interfacing
  15. (1) pair of metal snaps




Begin by aligning pieces 1 & 2 at the bottom. Fold the pieces in half lengthwise and using an erasable marker mark 2" from the corner on both edges. Draw a curved line connecting both marks. Cut at the curved mark. This will create the rounded edge of your satchel.

Now take piece 2 and measure 9" from the bottom up. Make a mark with and erasable market on both edges of the rectangle. Start tracing a round shape on the top starting at the 9” mark on one side and ending it on the 9” mark of the other side as shown in the diagram below. Folding the piece in half can aid you in achieving symmetry.


Take piece 1 and start pinning it to piece 5 (both pieces facing each other on the right side of the fabric). Sew them together. Now take piece 3 and sew it to the other side of piece 5. This is the outside part of the satchel's body.


Fuse the interfacing to the lining pieces (which are 3, 4 & 6)


Repeat the steps for pieces 1, 2 and 5 with pieces 3, 4 & 6. This will be the lining part of the satchel's body.


Take the outside part of the satchel (the one previously made with Whimsicöl Tide) and put it inside of the lining piece face-to-face. Pin it around and start sewing the pieces together but remember to leave an opening of at least 4” in the front of the satchel to turn the satchel right side out. Turn the satchel and close the opening with a blind hand stitch. 


Top stitch 1/4" away from the edge of the satchel.

Take piece 7 and fold it in half lengthwise face-to-face. Sew around the edge leaving one of the short sides open so that you can turn it. Trim the excess fabric and turn it right side out. Press it and fold the edge of the un-sewn side 1/4" inwards closing it with a blind hand stitch. Top stitch 1/4" away from the edges. Insert one corner in a belt hoop and fold the edge towards the other side. Sew the piece as to enclose the belt hoop. Repeat with the other piece 7. Refer to the diagram below and attach both pieces on the sides of the purse.



Take piece 10 and fold it in half lengthwise face-to-face. Sew around the edge leaving one of the short sides open so that you can turn it. Trim the excess fabric and turn it right side out. Press it and fold the edge of the un-sewn side 1/4" inwards closing it with a blind hand stitch. Top stitch 1/4" away from the edges.


Take pieces 8 place them together face-to-face. Sew them on the short edges. Turn it the piece over and top stitch 1/4" from the short edges. Take pieces 9 and align them face-to-face. Take piece 8 and place it on top of pieces 9 (make sure that piece 8 is centered since it is shorter than pieces 9). Start sewing around to attach the three pieces creating curves at the corners of pieces 9. Leave and opening wide enough to flip the piece over. Flip the piece over and close the opening with a blind hand needle stitch.


Insert piece 10 in between pieces 9 & 8.


To finish insert the ends of piece 10 in each of the lateral hoops. Fold the edge towards itself and sew two horizontal lines to make it stay and reinforce it. Make sure that piece 8 is up so that piece 9 can protect the wearer's shoulder. 



Attach the metal clasps to the inside of the flap and to the front of the satchel's body (make sure they align correctly when the bag is closed) and you are done!




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. We always love to see what you create so feel free to use all of the AGF social platforms to share your creations :) #artgalleryfabrics

Rock 'n Sew,


Minimalista quilt & giveaway!

There are some amazing quilters out there in the world wide web. You ladies, and gents, are totally amazing! Today I'd like to introduce to you Nancy, of owen's olivia.

Nancy made this fabulous quilt featuring every print in all four colorways of our Minimalista fabric collection.


We're loving the simple modern angles of the rows of "petals." It's so... Minimalista!

Head on over to owen's olivia blog for more about the quilt, and help her name it. We're also hosting a Minimalista fat quarter bundle giveaway on her blog!

GOOD LUCK! (Giveaway will end Dec. 7th at 6:00 AM EST, and two winners will be selected.)

<3 AGF

Introducing: Art Gallery Fabrics Digital LookBooks

Hi everyone!

About two years ago, we began producing and publishing videos to coincide with our pattern and fabric collection releases. The first ever began as a promotional video for the Bo Peep skirt pattern. Soon after this, we took it up one notch and made a dynamic animation video for our Hyperreal fabric collection release. The positive response we received on this video pushed us to continue to provide an interactive platform that would not only explain our point of view for each fabric collection, but also give viewers a real sense of the creative potential behind our designs.

Today we're happy to announce the transformation of that interactive platform from video to digital lookbook!


For some time, we at AGF were brainstorming on how keep the dynamic visuals of videos but also have something that would be more purposeful for our viewers, consumers and shops. A digital lookbook made the most sense for our new direction. So here you have it! Our first ever lookbook, featuring our most recent collections: Reminisce, Nordika, Tule, Legacy, and Minimalista.


We believe this new promotional medium is the best, most in-depth look at our fabric collections and all of its possibilities. We’ve highlighted features that include personal notes from the designers outlining their style and inspiration behind their designs, and beautifully curated image composites highlighting the quality, look and aesthetic of each collection.


Another feature you'll find very useful is the "Pattern Available" labels on the photos. See a project you’d love to make? We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding out whether a garment, accessory or quilt has a pattern. Images with this label will take you directly to the pattern or instructions source; whether it's on a website, shop, or magazine--free or for purchase--we'll link you there.


You’ll have access to the lookbook any time and on the go. It’s mobile friendly so you can click, zoom, and scroll from your phone or tablet. For quick access, just go to




Want to buy the collection you're looking at? The map will help you get to the shopping cart quicker. Find the most convenient online store, or your nearest stocked shop by clicking on your location.


Try it out and let us know what you think!