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Introducing: Art Gallery Fabrics Digital LookBooks

Hi everyone!

About two years ago, we began producing and publishing videos to coincide with our pattern and fabric collection releases. The first ever began as a promotional video for the Bo Peep skirt pattern. Soon after this, we took it up one notch and made a dynamic animation video for our Hyperreal fabric collection release. The positive response we received on this video pushed us to continue to provide an interactive platform that would not only explain our point of view for each fabric collection, but also give viewers a real sense of the creative potential behind our designs.

Today we're happy to announce the transformation of that interactive platform from video to digital lookbook!


For some time, we at AGF were brainstorming on how keep the dynamic visuals of videos but also have something that would be more purposeful for our viewers, consumers and shops. A digital lookbook made the most sense for our new direction. So here you have it! Our first ever lookbook, featuring our most recent collections: Reminisce, Nordika, Tule, Legacy, and Minimalista.


We believe this new promotional medium is the best, most in-depth look at our fabric collections and all of its possibilities. We’ve highlighted features that include personal notes from the designers outlining their style and inspiration behind their designs, and beautifully curated image composites highlighting the quality, look and aesthetic of each collection.


Another feature you'll find very useful is the "Pattern Available" labels on the photos. See a project you’d love to make? We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding out whether a garment, accessory or quilt has a pattern. Images with this label will take you directly to the pattern or instructions source; whether it's on a website, shop, or magazine--free or for purchase--we'll link you there.


You’ll have access to the lookbook any time and on the go. It’s mobile friendly so you can click, zoom, and scroll from your phone or tablet. For quick access, just go to




Want to buy the collection you're looking at? The map will help you get to the shopping cart quicker. Find the most convenient online store, or your nearest stocked shop by clicking on your location.


Try it out and let us know what you think!