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Today's Inspiration: The Crafter Table Topper


Hello! How was everyone's Veteran's Day weekend, and how are the preparations for the holidays coming along? Here at AGF we are still organising and handling all the amazing things that came with International Quilt Market (did you see Jeanee's beautiful posts with the recap?). Part of what came involves creating new projects and ideas to bring to you, but before we can start a whole new wave of projects (and I say this while they have been started) we like to re-organise and de-clutter all the work areas...especially our sewing room.

Today I want to share this table-topper we created from trial blocks and extra strips from different quilts. I love the ecclectic look this topper has; with an ethnic touch and a great feel of craft.


We hope this is an inspirational push for you to start/finish at least some projects that were thrown on top of the back-burner. This table top was once a pile of fabric pieces at the back of a shelve and now it is a piece that brightens up our meeting room.


Rock 'n Sew,