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Quilt Inspiration: Barn Quilts

Hey AGF fans!

I was on the Internet this week searching for some fall-harvest-Thanksgiving quilt inspiration to share with you. Along the way I discovered the wonderful world of barn quilts!


Barn quilts have been part of American history for decades. They are painted quilt squares, usually fashioned on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building.

There are even American Quilt Trails that you can follow! The 'Barn Quilt Trails' have recently made a comback and can be found over 22 states.

In many communities there is an official organization that organizes their barn quilts into a trail. A quilt trail can take visitors on a drive through the countryside. It can even be a walk downtown with stops at galleries, farm stands, wineries and historic points of interest. How fun!


A barn quilt can come from a variety of inspiration! It can be a replica of a painted quilt that resides on the property or honors a loved one. The pattern may be selected because of its name that represents the farm, or history of the city or state.


Sometimes a barn quilt is simply a cool pattern that the artist chose like the modern barn designs pictured above.

I love it! So much inspiraton to find on a barn. Who knew? One barn quilt can unlock ideas for a whole fabulous quilt.

Have you seen a barn quilt? Or better yet, do you have one?!? I'd like to know :)

Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee