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Hii! How was your weekend? I hope everyone started this first week of November (can you believe it's already November!) full of energy and fun projects. Today on the AGF blog we start this week with a gadget cover/stand tutorial that you can use to personalise and protect your items. This tutorial can be used for almost all phones and tablets. In this case we created one for an iPhone 4s, and used Optical Watermelon and Script Watermelon from our recently released collection: Minimalista. Choose your favourite fabric from AGF and create your conversation starter.


Here is what you will need:

  1. (1) 3¼” x 5¾” Rectangle of Script Watermelon (Minimalista Collection) 
  2. (1) 3¼” x 5¼” Rectangle of Script Watermelon (Minimalista Collection) 
  3. (1) 3¼” x 4” Rectangle of Script Watermelon Minimalista Collection) 
  4. (4) 2” x 2” Squares of Optical Watermelon (Minimalista Collection) 
  5. (1) 2½” x 2½” Square of Optical Watermelon (Minimalista Collection) 
  6. (1) 2½” x 2½” Square of Script Watermelon (Minimalista Collection)
  7. (1) 3¼” x 14” Rectangle of Optical Watermelon (Minimalista Collection)
  8. (1) 2½” x 4½” Rectangle of cardboard
  9. (1) 2½” x 4¾” Rectangle of cardboard
  10. (1) 2½” x 2½” Square of cardboard
  11. (2) 2½” x ½” Rectangles of cardboard
  12. (2) Sew-on-Snaps

You can accommodate the measurements to your own device. Measure it and add or subtract the corresponding number (W= width H= height).

  • Piece 1: W+1” x  H+¾” 
  • Piece 2: W+1” x  H+1¼”
  • Piece 3: W+1” x  H-1½”
  • Pieces 4: remain the same
  • Piece 5: remains the same
  • Piece 6: remains the same
  • Piece 7: P1+P2+P3-1”  (add the height measurement of these pieces)
  • Piece 8: W+¼” x  H (device measurement)
  • Piece 9: W+¼” x H+¼”
  • Piece 10: W+¼” x H-2”
  • Pieces 11: W+¼” x  ½”  


First make the inner piece:

Start by making the corner pockets. Take the four 2” squares and fold them in half diagonally to create a triangle and press. Take piece #2 and start sewing the triangles to each corner. Place them as shown in the diagram below.


Take piece #3, align it to the bottom of the pocket piece face-to-face and sew along the short edge. Take piece #1 and align it to the top of the pocket piece right sides together and sew it on the short side again. Remember to press the seams open. Your inner piece is ready.


Now is time to make the flap closure, take pieces  #5 & #6 layer them together face to face and sew around leaving the bottom edge open to flip it over (round your corners as shown in the diagram) turn it right side up and press.

Place the flap on top of the shortest side of the inner piece with the round edges facing inwards and center it. Make sure the same fabrics are facing. Lay piece #7 on top on the inner piece, face-to-face with the closure in between and sew around three edges leaving the short edge open (the one without the closure). Trim edges if needed.




Turn the piece right side out (use a pointy tool to shape the corners) and press it. Now we are going to add the inserts. It is recommended that you add some batting to pieces 8, 9 and 10 to further protect your device. Take piece #10 and insert it into the case all the way
down. Do a top stitch right next to it to hold it in place. Take one of the two pieces #11 and insert it down to the seam top-stitch next to it. Keep inserting the other cardboard pieces and top-stitch every time you end with one (use the diagram as reference to insert them in the right order). Close the bottom edge with a blind stitch by hand.



To be able to secure your cover closed, add Sew-on-Snaps. Make a mark where you will need one when the cover is closed, and another one where you will need one when the cover is open/standing. Sew them on and you’re done!



You can also embroider your case or even do it with patchwork. The possibilities are infinite for a unique cover! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make the best with it. Remember to hashtag your AGF projects with #artgalleryfabrics

Rock 'n Sew,