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Holidays with The AGF Designers (and a little gift from us)!

Fallen Leaves Garland Tutorial

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? I'm sure the holiday preparations are already going at full speed. Since it is Thanksgiving Day this week, we wanted to post a "last-minute" garland tutorial that you can incorporate into your dinner party decor. There is something about fallen leaves that is so comforting and warm, even if they usually represent the beginning of the cold seasons. We wanted to bring some of that outside beauty into the house with this simple tutorial.


Here is what you will need:

FAT EIGHTS of each of the following fabrics:

  1. Flora Honeycomb MNL-303 (Minimalista by AGF In-house Studio)
  2. Quietude Sunset TL-30027 (Tule by Leah Duncan)
  3. Sand Dunes Sienna TL-40029 (Tule Collection)
  4. Meadow of Gold RMS-2508 (Reminisce by Bonnie Christine)
  5. RMS-1506 (Reminisce by Bonnie Christine)
  6. Dulcette Azalea CMR-2101 (Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker)
  7. SPL-30016 (Splendor 1920 by Bari J.)
  8. SPL-30010 (Splendor 1920 by Bari J.)
  9. IN-5200 (Indie by Pat Bravo)
  10. RHA-401 (Rhapsodia by AGF In-house Studio)

1/8 yd. of Russet Orange FE-503 (Floral Elements)

To make the leaves:

Use the template to cut 2 leaves out of all fabrics 1-10 (1/4" seam allowance included).


Place the two fabric leaves face-to-face and sew around with a ¼” seam allowance. Remember to leave an opening of at least 2” on the top to flip it over.
Flip it over and with a pointy tool shape all the corners.


To close the 2” opening make a decorative top stitch 1/8” from the edge and go all the way around the leaf.
To give it the look of a leaf make a satin stitch following the lines on the template.



Repeat the previous steps with the remaining fabrics.

To make the strap:

Cut three (3) 1 ¼” x WOF strips of Russet Orange

Sew the strips together in order to make a longer strip.

Fold the strip on the long side face-to-face
Sew ¼” all the way down except on one of the shortest sides so that you can turn the strap right-side-out. Turn it right-side-out and fold the open side 1/4" inwards.

Sew a top stitch from end to end 1/8” away from the edge and repeat the same stitch on the other side to end up with two parallel stitches.  


Attach all the leaves to the strap leaving 8 ½” of space in between each leaf.


Even if you are not hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, you can still enjoy making this tutorial to hang it on top of the chimney and truly embrace the mood of autumn. 

We went a little further to show you a simple yet cozy way to set the table. Although we created this tutorial around Thanksgiving time, let it be an excuse to create an special occasion. The best thing is that we can be grateful everyday.


Rock 'n Sew,