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Circle Fits The Skirt: Tutorial


Hello! I hope the past week was one full of accomplishments, and especially that our post inspired you to finish/start your creations. 

The holidays are rapidly approaching, Thanksgiving is next week! (when did that happen?!). Most of us are running around, planning Thanksgiving dinner, already looking at holiday gift lists and making sure that we look tip-top for the end of the year to ensure that we receive the new year at our best. Of course for the moms and dads out there finding children outfits for the special occasions coming is also a job.

We thought this was a great time to share our Circle Fits the Skirt, a simple-yet-fun circle skirt tutorial. It is an easy project that you can accomplish fast. The best part is that you get to choose the fabric with which to make it. Hey, if you are one of those parents with multiple children (or twins!) that loves to dress them similarly (insert photo of me wearing the same dress as my sister), you will love this project!


Here is what you will need:

  1. 1 yard of Mojave Opaque (from Leah Duncan's Tule Collection)
  2. 1” wide elastic (A 30" long piece will be more than enough)



Cut a 36” square, fold it in four parts and pin the folded corners.


The measurements we are using for this skirt fits a 8-year old girl with a waist size of 23” + 1”=24”. Divide the waist measurement by 4 (since we are folding the fabric four times). 24 ÷ 4= 6”.

We are taking this number to measure and mark a 45 degree diagonal line that crosses the corner that is folded (It is recommended to use a water erasable pen to trace where you are going to cut) connect this marks and round it like ¼” of a circle.


Decide how long you will like the skirt to be. Since this one is for an 8-year old girl we are making it 10” long (with 1/2" seam allowance for the hem already in it, you can make it longer to leave some room to choose the length once the skirt is on, or to allow to lower the hem as your child grows up). Start measuring from the edge of the circle 10” down and start making marks in various spots so you can trace your other circle.

Cut the two circles and you should end up with a fabric circle with a circular whole in the center (like a doughnut).

Iron the bottom edge and finish the hem. Take your elastic piece and sew the short edges together with a zig-zag stitch and matching color thread. For reinforcing purposes you can go over the stitch more than once.


If you'd like, clean the top edge of the skirt with a serger.

Pin the elastic to the center (front and back) of the skirt's waist then continue pinning the elastic all the way around the outside of the skirt halfway up on the elastic's width. When you are done pinning start sewing with a close and wide zig-zag stitch to attach them together (stretch the elastic JUST A LITTLE BIT while you are sewing). 


You are done!

*To get your own measurements, measure around your baby's waist as precise as you can so it won’t be too tight or too loose on the baby. Add 1” to the measurement you got, and follow the instructions. For the elastic take the measurement of the waist (in this case 23”) and subtract ½” from it. 23”- ½”= 22 ½” this is the length for the elastic piece.

Now that the skirt is finished, you can play with the styling. The best part about this skirt is its versatility. Depending on the fabric and accesories that you choose, it can be a casual piece for play-dates, or dressed-up for days such as Thanksgiving Day.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that your home is invaded with gratitude this Thanksgiving Day and EVERYDAY. Here at AGF our hearts go out to the victims of the typhoon in The Philippines and to every country that has been struck by disasters throughout the year. We should be grateful for all of the good people and things that surround us and for our abilities to create.

Rock 'n Sew,