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Repurposed Denim: An Upgrade with Voile



This is Lauv again! As the seasons change, and the amount of brands and increasingly "I need this" products become available, it is easy to accumulate a large number of garments in our closet. In some cases we only wear those garments once. Here is when sustainabily and resoucefullness come into the photo, and where you have an opportunity to challenge the creative in you.

For this week we created a tutorial with an option on how to repurpose a denim item that was thrown to the back of the closet, upgrading it of course, with the softest of our fabrics: voile. You can upgrade a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, or even a denim skirt.

In this case we took a pair of shorts and turned them into a maxi skirt. We grabbed a print that complemented the tone of our shorts: Branch Silhouette. The procedure is quite simple. You can then use the denim scraps to create a tote to carry your groceries from the market, or you can even include them in a quilt!



Here is what you will need:

  1. A pair of denim shorts or denim pants.
  2. 1 ½” yards of voile.


The width of the fabric should be your hips measurement plus half of that hip measurement. For example 36” (hip measurement) + 18 (half hip measurement). The length of the fabric should be your desire length plus 5”.


Sew the long sides of the fabric together (face-to-face) make some gathers on the top of the skirt so it can be perfectly attached to the shorts.


The shorts should be washed and dried. Cut the legs off and start pinning the voile to the shorts (right side to right side) to make sure you have enough gathers to fit all around the shorts. When you are done pinning it, stich it all around. Hem the skirt and you are done!





This skirt easily translates from day to night. Add a structured jacket and a modern clutch to welcome the evening:


At AGF we like to express ourselves through our garments, and it is a belief that fashion plays an important role in the portayal of our personality. Let's show that consciousness is part of it.

Rock 'n Sew,