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Repurposed Denim: An Upgrade with Voile



This is Lauv again! As the seasons change, and the amount of brands and increasingly "I need this" products become available, it is easy to accumulate a large number of garments in our closet. In some cases we only wear those garments once. Here is when sustainabily and resoucefullness come into the photo, and where you have an opportunity to challenge the creative in you.

For this week we created a tutorial with an option on how to repurpose a denim item that was thrown to the back of the closet, upgrading it of course, with the softest of our fabrics: voile. You can upgrade a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, or even a denim skirt.

In this case we took a pair of shorts and turned them into a maxi skirt. We grabbed a print that complemented the tone of our shorts: Branch Silhouette. The procedure is quite simple. You can then use the denim scraps to create a tote to carry your groceries from the market, or you can even include them in a quilt!



Here is what you will need:

  1. A pair of denim shorts or denim pants.
  2. 1 ½” yards of voile.


The width of the fabric should be your hips measurement plus half of that hip measurement. For example 36” (hip measurement) + 18 (half hip measurement). The length of the fabric should be your desire length plus 5”.


Sew the long sides of the fabric together (face-to-face) make some gathers on the top of the skirt so it can be perfectly attached to the shorts.


The shorts should be washed and dried. Cut the legs off and start pinning the voile to the shorts (right side to right side) to make sure you have enough gathers to fit all around the shorts. When you are done pinning it, stich it all around. Hem the skirt and you are done!





This skirt easily translates from day to night. Add a structured jacket and a modern clutch to welcome the evening:


At AGF we like to express ourselves through our garments, and it is a belief that fashion plays an important role in the portayal of our personality. Let's show that consciousness is part of it.

Rock 'n Sew,


Modern. Simple. Geometric. Minimalista is Official.



It’s been a few short days since we began shipping Manimalista and its reception has been mind blowing! Stores and customers have been showing it off throughout the web, projects have been made and bloggers have given it quite a lot of love. 




Geometry is back with a bang. The designs come in four tonal stories that lend flexibility when thinking about your next quilting or sewing project. The patterns range from innovative textures to graphic florals. Check out this playful triangular pillow! It was so fun to make, the prints were made for projects like these--with style that's out of the box and elevated.






We went a little garment and accessory crazy with the prints because we kept finding versatility for every design. This one dress in particular turned out to be a showstopper. The quality and sophistication of this optical print works spectacularly well for quilts and garments alike.





Modern and dynamic, our in-house design team sought out to create something that would cater to the simplistic state of mind in all of us.






As always, our creative team couldn't help themselves in wanting to bring this collection life, so we're happy to share the video we put together. We know how fun it is to see fabric in "action" and that's exactly what the theme of the video is:








This quilt, which turned out to be quite a favorite on Instagram, is available as a free quilt pattern online.





To find the nearest store where you can purchase the Minimalista collection, check out our list of retailers here.


The Christina Clutch Tutorial


Hello :)!

I hope eveyone had a great Columbus Day Weekend. The importance of this holiday trascends ethnicity. The arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas shaped more than our continent and our customs, it changed the world. Although the Columbus Day debate continues, at AGF we want to celebrate our race and this legacy with a tutorial using a collection of the same name: Legacy by Angela Walters.

Legacy is about conserving values and items that remind us of where (through our predecessors) we have been. Things that represent positive moments in our lives. The Christina Clutch is a classic item that can go from generation to generation carrying the message of how sewing and crafting with our hands is rooted within us.

Here is what you will need:


  1. (2) 11½” x 7” Rectangles of Stitched Heritage Glow (Legacy collection)
  2. (2) 11½” x 7” Rectangles of Ancestree Foliage (Legacy collection)
  3. (2) 11½” x 7” Rectangles of heavy-weight fusible interfacing.
  4. (2) 12½” x 7” Rectangles of Familiar Roots Willow (Legacy collection)
  5. (1) 2” x 5” Rectangle of Familiar Roots Willow (Legacy collection)
  6. (1) 14” zipper


Take piece 5 and fold the long edges towards the center until they meet each other and press. Sew each side as close to the edge as possible. Now fold it in half with the rough edges exposed. Sew ½” away from the open side all the way down. Cut the excess fabric and flip it inside out. You should end up with a little tube.


Now take pieces 4 and lay them on top of each other (right sides facing) and sew down the long edges to attach them together. Flip it inside out and press it so it looks neat. Scrunch down one end and put it inside of the smaller tube to make the bow.



Add the interfacing to pieces 2. Then fold one long edge down ½” and press (do this for both edges). Repeat folding for pieces 1.



Lay the bow on top of piece 1 and pin each side. Carefully sew down both sides as close as possible to the edges of piece 1. Trim the excess fabric.



It’s time to put in the zipper. Make sure to sew as close to the edge near the zipper teeth as possible. Add in the zipper by first laying it with the slider facing down and on the left. Attach it to the folded part of piece 2 as shown below (we are starting with the interior).



After the lining is attached to the zipper, we now need to attach it to the exterior of the clutch (side with the bow). Lay the exterior piece with the folded edge right along the zipper with the zipper slider facing up this time. Sew along the edge.    



Now that the zipper is attached, open it a few inches and pin pieces 1 together (right sides facing each other). Keep piece 2 off to the side. Sew all the way around the three sides. Pin together pieces 2 and sew just the long edge.


Now flip the entire piece through the zipper opening and take out the lining (piece 3). Fold the remaining open edges inside ¼” and press. Sew all the way down along the edges. Put the lining back into the bag, press it carefully and you’re done!



Even though for some cultures October 12th, 1492 represented tragedy, I hope that today we can look back and learn how the preservation of different cultures and craftsmanship makes all humans better as a whole.

Rock 'n Sew,




Trend Alert: Hypnotic Haze

Hey AGF fans! Long time no see. It's Jeanee here and I'm back with some inspiration for you!

Pantone Color of the Year, emerald, has transformed into a teal and peacock green mix. Sophisticated geometric repeats in hypnotic 70s patterns in fresh and varying scales a perfect for quilt block inspiration. This hypnotic haze meets fashion in Marc Jacobs' marriage of curves and angles in tonal turquoise hues at Fashion Week 2013.


Here at AGF we’re already ahead of the trend with Urban Mod and Angels Walter’s Legacy and Textures fabric collections.


Simple, bold geometric patterns with interlocking shapes offers a timeless nostalgia in any sewing project.

Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee

"Playing the Scales" Quilt Tutorial by Melissa Corry

Happy Friday everybody!

This end-of-week quilt tutorial is brought to you by the lovely Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting. We decided another collaboration with Melissa was long overdue so we reached out to her with none other than our beautiful Bijoux collection (designed by Bari J) and gave her artistic freedom to come up with a tutorial for you all. 


Follow along Melissa's super detailed instructions on her post


Happy quilting and an even happier weekend from the AGF team!

Today's Inspiration: Mosaic Pillow

Hello everyone! As most of you know Houston Quilt Market is right around the corner. Here at the AGF HQ preparations are in full bloom: we are bulding, painting, crafting, but most importantly SEWING! Of couse as we sew we have lots of scraps left. If you know me, you are aware that I love sustainabily and repurposing things.

For today's inspiration we created two pillows made from scraps that were left from our projects. Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own treasure made from scraps. These pillows were made with 3" squares of random fabrics, and will certainly add an eclectic touch to any space. They could also be a great gift for bohemians souls.

We wish you a productive and inspired start to your weekend!

Rock 'n Sew,