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September 2013

Triple Bundle Giveaway



Today we're giving our readers an opportunity to score big on not just one or two, but THREE FAT QUARTER BUNDLES of our most recent collections starting with Nördika, Tule, and an exclusive bundle of Legacy, which is yet to be released!

It's incredibly exciting for us to offer these fabrics to our readers and fans because 1, we appreciate the attention and support you show us everyday by sending us kind comments online, following us on our social media channels and spreading the word about AGF. And 2, we'd absolutely love to see what you decide to create with all this fabric!

Now on to the fun part! Here's how to ENTER TO WIN:

Below we've put together 3 color stories with items inspired by each collection. Simply leave a comment telling us which color story best resonates with you and why. That's it!


First up is Nördika, by Jeni Baker. This line of fabrics linger somewhere between a misty mountain range and a seaside meadow. Graphic florals, bold geometrics and plaids are paired with ornate reds, inky greys and touches of clementine with seafoam to create a Scandinavian-derivative mood.





Tule is Leah Duncan's first collection with Art Gallery Fabrics. Design motifs range in floral, folkloric, and Native American-inspired nuances rolled into the essence of the desert. 



Legacy by Angela Walters includes designs inspired by some of Angela's favorite quilting techniques like swirls and pebbles. The colorways have contemporary traces of teal, lemon and slate. This collection is debuting later this month, so you may be one of the first to get ahold of it before the general public!



It's now your turn to share your favorite with us! Decide which collection best fits your personal style and let us know why in the comments below to enter.

For better odds at winning, head over to our facebook page and leave your comment on the giveaway post too.

♦ The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 15th at midnight.

3 winners will be randomly selected and announced Monday, September 16th and announced here on the blog. 

Each winner will receive: 3 fat quarter bundles in 1 colorway from the 3 collections (Nördika, Tule, and Legacy). Total fabric amount is 7 ½ YARDS per winner. 


Thanks for entering & good luck!

(p.s., international entries welcome)


Whimsicöl Mist Car Sunshade Tutorial


Today's tutorial is brought to you by our love of the little ones!

The star of the project itself has to be the fabric. We specifically wanted to use designs from the recently released Nördika collection because of it's playful and frolicky prints. We felt these are fitting qualities for the infants and toddlers that will benefit from the sunshade, don't you?

The tutorial itself is very easy to follow and novices can jump in and practice both their sewing and quilting! Let's begin with a diagram of the fabrics and supplies you'll need:



(All fabrics from Nördika fabric collection)

  1. (1) 9” square of Whimsicol Mist Panel 
  2. (1) 9” square of Stellar Skylight 
  3. (4) 3¼” square of Wildflowers Lagoon 
  4. (4) 3¼” square of Fresh Water 
  5. (1) ) 3¼” square of Sweetish Turquoise 
  6. (4) 14½” x 1” strip of Wild Flowers Lagoon 
  7. (1) 14½” square of Whimsicol Mist Panel 
  8. (1) 14½” square of Batting
  9. (4) 1” suction cups with attached hooks
  10. 12” of thin elastic band


The first step is to place the right sides of squares 1 and 2 and pin them together on each side. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, cut diagonally from corner to corner in both directions as shown below. You should end up with 8 triangles (4 with each fabric). 


Now onto making the 4 half squares. Take a triangle of each fabric and sew them together to create your squares. Since the triangles were cut on bias they might stretch a little bit. If this happens, you can trim them if needed. 


When you’ve sewn your 4 squares, take the other pieces and following the diagram order, start attaching them together (don’t forget to press open every time you attach a piece to another). 






Attach the strips around the sides and voilà! You're done with your block.



Take the batting piece and place it on the wrong side of the block. Now, sew it as close as possible to the edge, just enough so that it will stay put. 

Next, take the elastic and cut four 3” strips. Pin them on each corner of piece 6 (tails should be sticking out).




Now take the block and lay it face down on top of piece 6. Sew along the edge and reinforce your corners to keep the elastic inside, leaving and opening of at least 2”.

From this opening, flip it right side out, press it and sew ¼” around the edge to close the opening and give it a neat professional finish. 


We also quilted our sunshade with running parallel lines every 2”. 



And what's a quilting tutorial without a quilt!? So here you have a full quilt option with this design, minus the contrasting border around the blocks.


If you have any questions or remarks, kindly leave them in the comments for us. Also, we'd love to hear any suggestions for tutorials you'd like to see made. And should you decide on making this cute little sunshade (and we hope you do!), please share it with us through instagram or twitter.

Thanks for reading and keep stitching!


It's Cool To Be Square! New Colors Added to Our Squared Elements Blender

By popular demand, we've expanded the Squared Elements color palette to include even more possibilities for all your sewing and quilting projects! 

We've received a lot of great feedback from our customers and friends about Squared Elements and know that this collection is one of the most versatile and fresh set of blenders to use and accentuate your creations with. 

SE-606 Shadow
(SE-606 Shadow)

SE-602 Honeycomb
(SE-602 Honeycomb)

These blenders add an instant touch of modernity to projects so we decided to make it even easier for you to pair them with other fabrics. Here are the newest additions to the collection:

(1st row left to right: SE-604 Seafoam, SE-605 Turquoise, SE-606 Shadow, SE-607 Noir)
(2nd row left to right: SE-603 Lemongrass, SE-602 Honeycomb, SE-600 Watermelon, SE-601 Rosewater)



As a unique and quirky complement to the essence of the collection, we made a video that literally animates the creative process of fabricating with Squared Elements. This is one of the funnest videos we've produced so far so we hope you enjoy and share it! 

So, what kinds of ideas are you thinking to bring to life with Squared Elements? Let us know in the comments below. And if it's inspiration you need, we've given you a head start with a FREE quilt pattern that you can download here. This is an amazing quilt design that grabbed a lot of love from our instagram followers last week.



We also have a beginner-friendly tutorial ready for you to take on. It's the color block, choose-your-own-length skirt and it's definitely worth trying.