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Legacy by Angela Walters Honors Tradition


"As a machine quilter, I drew a lot of my inspiration for Legacy from the quilting designs and sketches that I use for my craft. But as I compiled this collection, I was reminded about the reason I began quilting in the first place. My Grandpa left me a great legacy, and the encouraging belief that I could be successful in any area of my life. It is because of him that I found my passion for quilting, which then turned into my passion for fabric design. That legacy is what fuels my passion today. I hope that this collection inspires you to create and to share your own legacy with others!"

Angela Walters


Today we're happy to finally and officially announce the release of Legacy into the fabric marketplace. The quote you've just read from Angela encapsulates this collection better than any description I can offer, so instead of delving further into the details of how smart the designs are, what perfect colors were chosen for the ten prints, and how much quilting and sewing potential these fabrics hold--we'll have a little chat with Angela instead. I caught up with her to get her perspective on the collection, her quilting habits, and a couple of other fun tidbits.

Keep reading for the Q & A and a fun little video we did that shows just how talented a quilter this woman is.


AGF: How was designing Legacy different from your first collection? 

Angela: It was so different than designing the first one! My first collection, Textures, was just like dipping my toes into the fabric design world. It was a mini-collection with only 3 different prints. However, Legacy, was like diving in head first! It's my first full collection, which means I got to design 10 prints in two different color-ways. I absolutely loved getting to expand on my vision. 


AGF: Is there anything you learned from your first collection that you were able to apply to Legacy?

Angela: When I designed Legacy, I felt that I was finally getting the hang of Illustrator. My practice with it while designing my first collection definitely came in handy!



AGF: What do you enjoy most about being a fabric designer?

Angela: I love that it's a different side of the industry that I normally work on (as a pattern designer and machine quilter). It's a whole different artistic outlet and I love it! Of course, seeing my name on the selvage is pretty cool too!



print: decoratifs spearmint

print: grand mosaic lime


print: drawn destiny denim


AGF: Do you have a favorite print from the collection?

Angela: My favorite print would be the Grand Mosaic. It was the very first print I designed, when I decided to try to be a fabric designer. Seeing it in production makes me so very happy!


AGF: When it comes down to your quilting, do you have a time of day when you prefer to work?

Angela: I find that for machine quilting, I am most productive when quiting in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. Especially when I have some great music blaring on my ipod! When it comes to fabric design, I do most of my designs while sitting on the couch next to my hubby.





AGF: We know you travel quite a bit for your quilting classes and promoting your work. Care to share which cities you enjoy frequenting?

Angela: I am a total foodie, so going to cities known for great food always make me happy. My favorite cities (based solely on food) are Portland, OR and Boston MA. The quilters that I interact with are great everywhere I go!

Are there other skills or hobbies you wish you had more time for?

Angela: There are two things that I wish I had time to learn. I wish I could speak a different language fluently and play a musical instrument. But, I wouldn't trade what I am doing for anything else in the world!


Rounding off the post is this neat little video we put together for Legacy. A quick synopsis: our Legacy girl is rummaging through the contents of her grandfather's garage and stumbles upon supplies she can use for sewing and quilting. And that's precisely what she does! The highlight of this video for me are the many frames that show off Angela's long arm quilting. It's fun to pause and marvel at the amazing details and techniques she used all over this masterpiece of a quilt. 





Lastly--a treat from us to you! We have a FREE TO DOWNLOAD quilt pattern for Legacy. Go ahead and get yours here.



Thank you so much for tuning in! Let us know what you think of these new designs, and if you decide to make a project or two with Legacy (and we hope you do!), share it with us either on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.