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Sews Up Quick: A Portable Tissue Holder

To kick off a crafty weekend, we bring you what may possibly be the quickest, easiest DIY project we've put together for you to make at home.


This one was inspired by the ever useful tissue and its myriad of uses. They're one of those items we always need around, especially on the road. So we thought--why not carry it around in style? And if it's something you prefer not to travel with, it looks just as chic on a desk or table! Keep reading for instructions on making your own. 

The fabric amounts and sizes you will need for this project are as follows:

(1) 12” x 8” rectangle of Swept Away Intensity (Summerlove Collection)

(1) 13” x 8” rectangle of Mirage Blue (Pure Elements Collection)


Begin by placing piece 1 on top of piece 2 facing the right side. Align both pieces and sew along both widths: 


Now that both rectangles are attached, place them so that fabric 1 is facing you. Now fold the edges in, so they can meet in the center of the fabric as shown in the diagram below:


Sew ¼” the horizontal edges and flip it over. Now, to reinforce our cute little tissue holder make a seam ¼” away from both edges and we're done! 



We trust this will become the cutest dispenser of tissues you own. Have fun playing with fabrics and patterns that complement its surroundings or the inside of your bag. Make a few more (they sew up so quick!) and give as gifts. These neat little creations are as fun to make as they are useful to have around.

Thanks for reading, we wish you success on all your sewing endeavors this weekend!

Keep stitching,