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Grecian Getaway: An Expert Sewer's Voile Point-of-View

You may have first heard of Katarina Roccella in our Nördika release post. She's responsible for this collection's amazing video. Katarina has just returned from a refreshing family trip to Skopelos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. This island can only be described as visual paradise, and it's easy to see how much her latest projects were inspired by it.

We've caught up with Katarina to talk about her experience and latest use of two gorgeous fabrics from our Voile collection. Keep reading to hear about her trip, project inspirations and even recommendations of use for Voile.


So far, what sewing projects have you created using Voile?

I made the summer caftan with a matching shabby flower and the summer tiered twirl dress for my daughter.

What is your favorite thing about Voile? Do the prints inspire a specific feeling, or image for you?
When the fabrics arrived, aside from the gorgeous designs, I fell in love with the exceptional quality--an amazing, buttery feel.

The whole collection is really stunning and it was tough choosing only a few prints to sew with. But since I knew I would be taking my creations with me to Greece, I chose the blue prints (I'm obsessed with photographing my creations and imagining the best locations to showcase the designs and prints). The traditional Greek combination of blue & white was perfect for the prints I chose.


What uses or projects do you recommend are best suited for this fabric collection? 

Voile's fabrics are excellent for garment sewing, specifically for summer projects. I would use them for accessories (bandanas, scarves, headbands and different crafty flowers: think small and big pompoms for weddings and other embellishing crafts) and clothing (especially tunics, blouses, skirts and dresses), but would like to try them for quilts too. I saw some amazing quilts on the web made with Voile fabrics.



(see more photographs of the Skopelos islands here)

Do you have anything else planned to make with Voile?

While being on the beaches in Greece, I regretted not having made one of those large Gypsy-type headbands for my girls. I'd also love to make some more garment pieces and patchwork cushions, too. And definitely a small quilt.

Can you recommend needles and thread combinations (or even techniques) to use with the fabric?

Sewing with Voile is really easy especially if you have right type of needles and thread. Regarding needles, I'd recommend size 9 sharp needle or any other small size needle appropriate for lighter weight fabrics. For the thread, use some fine thread--it shouldn’t be heavier than 50 weight thread, and I read some great reviews about Aurifil Mako 50wt quilting cotton for use with Voile fabrics.


Voile fabrics have a characteristic beauty that is sheer and crisp, not unlike the scenery around Skopelos. Between them, the prints and texture of the fabric also have a balance of weighlessness and a drape that layers beautifully.


Katarina has posted the Summer Kaftan Dress tutorial on her blog, and is currently finishing up the Tiered Dress tutorial. You can stay up-to-date on her tutorials by following her on Twitter. You can also check out our Free Sewing Projects page for this, as well as many other sewing projects.

We're grateful for her continued engagement with our fabrics and our aestethic point of view! I had a fun time looking through her beautiful stream of photos on her flickr, and was especially intrigued by her linoleum cuts and prints so I've chosen a couple as the closing statement to what I hope was a visually uplifting post.

(All photos courtesy of Katarina)


Sew on,



A Look at Your Nördika-made Projects


We can't believe it's been a week since the release of Nördika! We've already had amazing talent from all areas of the web create great projects with fabrics from this stellar collection. 

Nördika's signature bold Scandinavian-inspired prints of flowers, geometrics, and plaids have been utilized in pieces that truly stand out against their surroundings.

Below you'll see just a few creations we found from bloggers, customers, and fans. There are tons more out there! It's with great enjoyment that we discover your projects in instagram, twitter and facebook feeds. 

(We have linked all projects back to their original source. If you see your project here and would like it removed, please let us know.)


skirt: pink castle fabrics quilt: maureen cracknell handmade block: fiberofallsorts



pieced star: mybricole, dress: stephvolden, flying geese blocks: twomoreseconds



block by instagram user canoercreations
fabrics used: flowerfall jade, folk road stone



ipad mini case by instagram user sewcutebyhannah 
fabrics used: wildflowers blaze, stellar moonlight


coin purse by Jeni Baker of incolororder
fabric used: sweetish seafoam


quilt by maureen cracknell handmade
fabrics used: whimsicöl mist panel, spiceberry (pure elements collection), whimsicöl tide panel, honey (pure elements collection)



storage basket by s.o.t.a.k handmade | original pattern by sew mama sew
fabrics used: poppy fields caviar, wildflowers blaze, stellar moonlight


If you would like to make a project of your own, don't forget we have a free PDF quilt pattern featuring this collection. We also must recommend you sift through the blog of the Nördika designer herself, Jeni Baker, for inspiration, free patterns and tutorials. 

Thanks to everyone that has been tagging their creations with the #nordika hashtag on the web. We urge you to sew on and continue to share your beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics projects with us!