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Tule's Summer Tote Tutorial

This week's tutorial comes from our recent photoshoot for the Tule fabric collection, which we released this week!

This is one of the bags we used for the shoot, and we loved it so much it was instantly decided that we make it into a step-by-step sewing tutorial for you. The design is a type of hybrid between a hobo and messenger bag. We think the design makes it purposeful for a multitude of uses, but besides that--it's just plain cute.

We hope you embark on this project (or at the very least, add it to your project to-do-list), because even though pillows and tablerunners are great to make, you can't take them outside with you and show off those great sewing skills!

So here we go. As always, remember to sew all right sides together with a ¼" of seam allowance. Let's start with our fabric and material list:

(1) 26” x 11” rectangle of Folklore Terracotta (Tule Collection)
(1) 26” x 8” rectangle of Windmarks Arid (Tule Collection)
(1) 26” x 19” rectangle of Apricot Crepe (Pure Elements Collection)
(1) 40” x 1” Strip of Apricot Crepe (Pure Elements Collection)
(2) 48” x 2.5” Strip of Folklore Terracotta (Tule Collection)
(2) 48” x 2.5” Strip of Fusible




Let's start by attaching fabric 1 and 2. Sew them together, crosswise with a 1/4th seam allowance and press to make the front of our bag nice and neat.

You now have a rectangle measuring 19" x 26".  




 Fold this rectangle in half by matching each corner (the right side of the fabric should be facing itself). Sew along the bottom and side edge, then fold the corner and align the side seam with the pin to form a triangle.

Sew accross 3" in from the tip and trim the excess fabric. Repeat the same step on the other side. 





You're going to now repeat the same steps with fabric 3, the only difference being you are leaving an opening at the side of about 4", as shown below (from that opening you will flip it inside out later on). This is the lining of your bag.





Now take the two cut strips of fabric 5 and iron the fusible on the wrong side of the fabric. Sew the two strips together, right sides facing each other, then turn it inside out. Your bag handle is ready.





Pin it over on each side of the bag and sew it before you add the lining. After you've attached the handle, it's time to add the lining. Take the front bag piece and place it inside fabric 3 (the handle should be inside too). Sew the top all the way around 1/4" away from the edge. From the opening you left in fabric 3, turn it inside out, so that your lining is now inside. Close up the opening on the lining by hand. 



 You'll now sew 3/4" away from the edge and around the circumfrence of the top. Repeat this step another 3/4" from the previous line. When you're done, carefully make a tear on the side seams in between the two horizontal seams you just sewed. This is where the adjustable strip will go. 

The last bit of sewing will be on fabric 4, the adjustable strip. Fold the fabric in half (lengthwise), and sew 1/4" away from the edge and across its length. Trim any excess fabric off the edges and turn it inside out. 

Now, to facilitate the insertion of the strip, attach one end with a safety pin and pull it out the way around and out of the small opening. Knot the ends, and you're done!