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Inspiration Begins Here

Happy Thursday, AGF readers!
Today's post will be a little different--in fact, it will touch on something new altogether.

Before I go on with the subject of today's blog post, I should start with a brief intro on myself. My name is Lorena Maranon and I am the newest member of the AGF team and contributor to the blog. Throughout my posts you'll quickly notice my love for all things avant-garde, textile art and needlework.
Consider me your new AGF hunter/gatherer of inspiration. With this title, I hope to encourage you to breathe new life into your quilting, or sewing projects by introducing fresh weekly content and perspectives ranging from a wide variety of sources. If you're anything like me; scouring books, magazines and the web for ideas is a total rush! If not, allow me to help.
So let's get to it...

A Linear Thought on Simplicity

As an artist--clutter, piles, and layers can be definitive of self-expression but have a tendency to build up faster than I can manage them. Sometimes I have to simplify. The saying is "less is more", and while that may not always be the case in all of my projects, it never hurts to edit unnecessary elements from the workspace, and sometimes even lifestyle. 

outfit: Atifa Rasooli, furniture: Muller van Severen, weaving: Brook&Lyn
fabric swatches: Sandstone (Pure Elements Collection), Crosshatch Silver (Textures Collection), Dulcette Bluestar (Color Me Retro Collection), Light Grey (Pure Elements Collection)

Today I've gathered references that translate my idea of simplicity and have paired them with fabrics that I hope may provide inspiration or ideas for your next creation. 

quilt: Judy Kirpich fabric swatches: Pearl Lace (Lace Elements Collection), Ash (Pure Elements Collection), Lapis Lazuli (Floral Elements Collection)

quilt: Anne R. Parker outfit: Thakoon (Cruise/Resort 2014)

Many of us tend to overlook neutral shades (or leave them exclusively for sashing or binding) because of their seemingly bare qualities. However, applied within the right design, a neutral or monochromatic quilt or fabric project can easily become a standout in your collection of work.

quilt: Kathy Loomis sculpture: Robert Heinecken fabric swatches: Mink (Pure Elements Collection), Shadow (Squared Elements Collection), Noir (Squared Elements Collection)

Next time you're indecisive about which colors to use on a project, or perhaps too many fabric choices are crowding your creative flow, consider perhaps a more modest approach. One that still represents you, in your most simplistic state of mind.

Keep stitching,