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Tune Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, working on those wonderful sewing machines and starting some great new projects like Friday's Hang it, Charge it! Phone Charging Station. I know I'm definitely going to be making myself one of those for the weekend to come.

For today's Tune Tuesday, we take an exotic journey with a traveling free spirit and join her elegant caravan that boasts vast, glorious treasures from faraway places. Fellow wanderers, I present to you Mystic Traveler, a playlist inspired by the exotic collection by Bari J., Bijoux.

Taken from the envisioned story by Bari J., Bijoux is all about being free, living wild, having fun, and rocking out! "I see her in dancing barefoot in the desert at night with the stars lighting her way." And with this in mind, artists such as Stevie Knicks, Lykke Li, and Haim come to bask in the moonlit sky while the blazing bonfire creates an atmospheric serenity that can only come from being in the open air.

For more music inspired by this collection, check out our Mystic Traveler Spotify playlist!

Feel free to subscribe to the playlist to add your own songs that inspire the free spirit in you or let us know which songs we should add in the comments below!

Until next Tuesday!

From my musical ears to yours,


Hang it, Charge it: A Pocket For Your Phone


In the spirit of the weekend and the free time that comes with it, we leave you with a quick tutorial which we hope will come in handy. This one is especially great for novices, but can also get the sewing motor running for the experts out there too!

There's a saying in the tech-world that the best repair is not to cause damage in the first place. However, that’s way easier said than done. Our devices are always prone to damage; from dents to scratches, and the worst of all: shattered screens. We thought we’d help you minimize the chance of these pesky little accidents by sewing up a hanging charging station for your phone.

Next time your phone is in need of battery juice and there’s nothing but the floor to set it on, use this pretty little holder. A practical way to keep your phone cozy, cute and protected!

Let's begin with a list of the sizes and fabric quantities you'll need for this project:

  1. (2) 5” x 7 ¾” rectangle of Honey (Pure Elements Collection)
  2. (1) 5” x 7 ¾” rectangle of batting
  3. (1) 4” x 5” rectangle of Artisan Ruby (Rhapsodia Collection)
  4. (1) 4” x 5” rectangle of Weaving Sol (Rhapsodia Collection)
  5. (2) 5” x 1” rectangle of Honeycomb (Squared Elements Collection)


(Remember to sew all right sides together with a ¼" of seam allowance.)

Let’s start by adding the binding to each pocket. To complete this you will need to Fold and Press piece 5 lengthwise, and attach that to pieces 3 and 4. When you’re done attaching the binding, you’re ready to put it together with piece 1.



Take piece 3 and lay it on top of one of the pieces that you cut for 1. Then, align it perfectly as shown in the diagram below and sew down each side as close to the edge as possible. Repeat this for piece 1 that was left and piece 4

Diagram-3Sew around both 1 pieces together, overlapping each other with both right sides facing one another (DON’T sew over the bottom edge, leave it open). Now flip the entire piece through the side that’s open so that the right side of the fabric is shown. Proceed by pressing them.


Take piece 2 and insert it into the side that remained open. Make sure that piece 2 is perfectly aligned to the center and pin it. 


Now that they’re aligned and sewn together, carefully trace a 1 ½” x 1 rectangle an inch under the top of the fabric as shown in the diagram below:

Diagram-5(Make sure to align the rectangle in the center of the fabric so that it’s even from each side). Now make a zigzag stitch around the rectangle (this allows it to hold its shape), then carefully cut above the rectangle that was drawn.  


We are almost done! Now that everything is sewn together, we’re ready to close the side that was left open. Grab the bottom side and fold each fabric inside ¼”. Press and sew close to the edge to close it down and you’re finished!




Here is to recharging over the weekend! -- Figuratively speaking.

Lastly, some suggestions for alternate fabric combinations to use on this project:

1. Nördika, 2. Reminisce, and 3. Textures




Stroll Through the Meadows with Nördika by Jeni Baker


We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Nördika by Jeni Baker!

A collection that was inspired by the Scandinavian countryside. The story of Nördika is rich with folkloric, graphic florals that play with bold geometrics and plaids. 


For those that don't know Jeni, she is the master-mind behind In Color Order. A blog in which Jeni showcases her fabric collections, offers patterns and projects, and shares creative insight into the beautiful and rewarding world of sewing and quilting.  It is also the best place to get your Nördika inspiration from. 



Simple, minimal and functional with striking prints and splashes of bold color. These characteristics are definitive of true Scandinavian design. 



Nördika's modern floral motifs have been reimagined and translated into a contemporary depiction of life in the mountains. Ornate reds, inky greys and nuances of clementine and seafoam create a high-altitude sensation. 

(alternatively, you may go to youtube to watch this video

Waking up to a breeze and trees that flutter outside your window--sunrise's broken light peers through, awakening a new day with new adventures and creations to be imagined. A stunning representation of Nördika, this video also embodies a connection to an innocent, whimsical and handmade way of living.

Beautifully filmed in Serbia by our über talented friend, Katarina Roccella. Katarina's aesthetic resonates perfectly with the AGF way, and we're lucky to have had her skill sets in helping us present this collection to the public. We recommend you check out her multi-disciplinary range of work by going directly to her website.


 (Nördika's matching solids below)

(graphic courtesy of Jeni, additional matching AGF blenders can be found on her post)

Pure Element Solids: 427 Spiceberry, 405 Cherry Lipgloss, 438 Coral Reef, 421 Honey, 435 Banana Cream, 412 Tender Green, 403 Fresh Water, 424 Mirage Blue, 410 Ash, 430 Moonstone, 413 Caviar, 433 Snow.


 Visit Nördika's official webpage for a free download of the Fly Home Quilt pattern

Fly Home Quilt Pattern

Jeni Baker's Nördika fabric collection is a true winner, and we're extremely happy to announce its official arrival and availability online and in stores near you.

You can view Jeni's previous tutorials for Fat Quarter Gang here. Her first collection with AGF, Color Me Retro--a vintage-inspired mix of graphic prints, can be found here.

Inspiration Begins Here

Happy Thursday, AGF readers!
Today's post will be a little different--in fact, it will touch on something new altogether.

Before I go on with the subject of today's blog post, I should start with a brief intro on myself. My name is Lorena Maranon and I am the newest member of the AGF team and contributor to the blog. Throughout my posts you'll quickly notice my love for all things avant-garde, textile art and needlework.
Consider me your new AGF hunter/gatherer of inspiration. With this title, I hope to encourage you to breathe new life into your quilting, or sewing projects by introducing fresh weekly content and perspectives ranging from a wide variety of sources. If you're anything like me; scouring books, magazines and the web for ideas is a total rush! If not, allow me to help.
So let's get to it...

A Linear Thought on Simplicity

As an artist--clutter, piles, and layers can be definitive of self-expression but have a tendency to build up faster than I can manage them. Sometimes I have to simplify. The saying is "less is more", and while that may not always be the case in all of my projects, it never hurts to edit unnecessary elements from the workspace, and sometimes even lifestyle. 

outfit: Atifa Rasooli, furniture: Muller van Severen, weaving: Brook&Lyn
fabric swatches: Sandstone (Pure Elements Collection), Crosshatch Silver (Textures Collection), Dulcette Bluestar (Color Me Retro Collection), Light Grey (Pure Elements Collection)

Today I've gathered references that translate my idea of simplicity and have paired them with fabrics that I hope may provide inspiration or ideas for your next creation. 

quilt: Judy Kirpich fabric swatches: Pearl Lace (Lace Elements Collection), Ash (Pure Elements Collection), Lapis Lazuli (Floral Elements Collection)

quilt: Anne R. Parker outfit: Thakoon (Cruise/Resort 2014)

Many of us tend to overlook neutral shades (or leave them exclusively for sashing or binding) because of their seemingly bare qualities. However, applied within the right design, a neutral or monochromatic quilt or fabric project can easily become a standout in your collection of work.

quilt: Kathy Loomis sculpture: Robert Heinecken fabric swatches: Mink (Pure Elements Collection), Shadow (Squared Elements Collection), Noir (Squared Elements Collection)

Next time you're indecisive about which colors to use on a project, or perhaps too many fabric choices are crowding your creative flow, consider perhaps a more modest approach. One that still represents you, in your most simplistic state of mind.

Keep stitching,

Bijoux Sofa Organiser


Hi! Lauv here.

I hope you enjoyed my last quilt block post. Today I’m here with a simple and useful tutorial.

Summer is here and kids are home from school. I’ve noticed that the house tends to get a bit messier during this time. I don’t have any children, but I do have four younger sisters and I know how having them home most of the day can shake most parents' regular schedule. Shoes everywhere, your pet running all around after the children, more dirty dishes, arts and crafts supplies out of their usual place. Just an overall misplacement of things.

This is why I chose to make a little sofa organiser with one of our latest collections Bijoux by Bari J. The project is super simple and it'll help keep your home tidy! Creating it will help entertain the kids while they make it. It can be a group effort; dividing tasks, “you cut, you sew.” And the final reuslt is a piece to help you unclutter the summer madness.

I made it in a size that can accommodate two remote controls, and your current book indulgence. Fiona, one of our pets at home, is addicted to chewing on the remote controls. We’ve had to call the cable company twice to get new ones! With this sofa organiser, the remote controls are reachable when needed (by a human!). The living room looks more organised, and most importantly they will stay out of Fiona’s sight!

Here is what you need:

  1. (1) 30” x 16” rectangle of Sublime Stitchery Spring (Bijoux Collection)
  2. (1) 30” x 16” rectangle of Mystic Traveler Blush (Bijoux Collection)
  3. (1) 11” x 8” rectangle of Bohemian Charms Cream (Bijoux Collection)
  4. (1) 11” x 9” rectangle of Embroidery’s Fortune Rose (Bijoux Collection)
  5. (1) 2” x 16” rectangle of Crystal Pink (Pure Elements Collection)
  6. (1) 30” x 16” rectangle of batting
  7. (1) 2" x 88” (cut enough WOF strips to obtain a longer strip) strip of Crystal Pink (Pure Elements Collection)
  8. (1) Big rose from the Divine Gypsy Rosewood Fabric for applique (Bijoux Collection)


Remember to sew all right sides together with a 1/4" of seam allowance.

Sew piece 3 to piece 4 on the height side, always put right sides together. In this instance you can clean the edge with a serger, or do a french seam finish. Press seams as you sew.

Sew piece 5 on the width side of the previous piece, and attach it to create a binding on the top edge. Use Steam-a-Seam to attach piece 8 on top of piece 4 on the lower right corner. Do a top stitch (or satin stitch if preferred) on top of piece 8 to secure it.

Set piece aside.

Diagram-2Align and attach pieces 1, 6 and 2 overlapping them as shown in the diagram below (Fabric 2 should be attached facing the printed side out) quilt them together with a zigzag stich (or as desired) going down every ¾”.

Now that you have two different pieces ready, you can attach them together. Place pieces 3-4 in front of fabric 1. Non-printed side of 3-4 should be facing printed side on 1. Stitch a vertical line 7” apart from the edge of fabric 4 to create one of the pockets (right to left). To create the other pocket stitch a vertical line on fabric 3 3½" away from the first stitched line (from right to left).

Now that everything is sewn together, the next and final step is to add the binding. For a tutorial on how to attach binding, click here. At the end of all of our Free Quilt Patterns there is a tutorial for binding attachment. Here we used a 2" wide strip intead of a 1 1/2" strip.


You are done! I hope this is useful. Even if you don't have a huge mess it can be a great accent for the living room. Please share your creations on our social media platforms as we'd love to see them!



Rock 'n sew!


Trend Alert: Floral Hippy


We're nearly two weeks into summer 2013! Summer festivals inspire a laidback hippy attitude. For summer 2013, enjoy the summer days and nights with bouquets of florals, retro paisley motifs that radiate a 70s vibe and gypsy botanical prints.


The Floral Hippy color palette has lavish hues that blend seamlessly with one another. Mustard seed is paired with brighter shades of citrus melon. Purple, navy and olive provide a clean contrast for a nouveau natural combinations.


To create a cool organic hippy aesthetic of a free bohemian spirit you can turn to Bijoux by Bari J and Indie by Pat Bravo for inspiration.


Headbands and a stacked writs of bracelets add a hippy look. Silk satin camisoles with lace trims act as contrasting layering pieces. 


Multiple colorful layers create a cool hippy aesthetic for summer. And maxi dresses become ultra voluminous with floral prints as a nod to 70s styling.

Make the best of your summer picinic and beach time with these free quilt patterns.

Jewelwed Wander featuring Bijoux collection designed by Bari J.


Gitana featuring Indie collection designed by Pat Bravo.



Be Inspired!
~ Jeanee