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Market Wrap-up, Part One
Market Wrap-up, The Final Installment

Market Wrap-up, part duex

Hello again!

I hope you enjoyed PART ONE of our market wrap and that you are ready for some more.

Let's start with the video wrap-up...


Now for a little more information and a closer look at each designer booth...

First we have Angela Walter's booth and she is displaying her latest collection, Legacy. This booth's centerpiece was the over-sized Legacy quilt that displayed the collection's 20 prints.  

Her booth was a dedication to her grandfather in which she credits to being the most influential person in her quilting career. You can clearly see the masculine influence throughout the collection. 


Not only did this quilt cover a whole wall, but the quilting on it was amazing! The details and the patterns worked so well together. Take a look below so you an see a bit more detail... go on... we will wait :)

From sharing the Legacy someone leaves in your life, we now go to reminiscing over memories of loved ones in Reminisce by Bonnie Christine.


Bonnie's inspiration for this booth was to make the decor an extension of who she is. From the living plant life to the charming use of color, this booth truly gave off a nostalgic feel. 

You can picture yourself just sitting in this booth, sipping tea while you reminisce through old photos and share memories of an eventful life. This sweet booth really invites you in and welcomes you to stay a while.

From Reminisce we take a final stroll through the desert in Leah Duncan's collection, Tule.

This collection shows off with deep blues, sun-inspired yellows and bright orange tones. Tule inspires you to take a modern look into folk florals and organic shapes.


This booth really caught your eyes with the dark walls and pops of color. You stepped in so you could take in the various artwork and view the many projects that were displayed in this booth. 

All of our latest designers really did an amazing job this year at market. They really portayed their collections well and we are proud of the work they did. 

I hope you have enjoyed part 2 of our market wrap-up and that you will tune in tomorrow for the final installment and the Pièce de résistance (AKA "the cherry on top" of market wrap-ups) AGF & Pure Elements. We are truly excited for this one!

See ya tomorrow!

<3 AGF