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Fall in Love with Reminisce by Bonnie Christine.


Sophisticated & vintage is just a few words that come to mind when you see this collection. 


Reminisce, the debut by Bonnie Christine, is a nostalgic collection of bold & sugar-colored hues, inspired by hazy and dream-like summer days filled with simple, yet memorable moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty.


Reminisce is a collection that mixes cottage chic with bright colors, making it very versatile and appealing to traditional quilters and modern sewists!


Inspired by sunshiny days and a simpler ways, Reminisce inspires the handmade way of life.


Watch the lovely Reminisce video for AGF's nostalgic take on this collection..

REMINISCE Fabric Collection by Bonnie Christine from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.


To see more pictures from this photshoot (and many more) visit AGF's Flickr  and Reminisce with us.

Want to get some Reminisce by Bonnie Christine: Find your favorite online retailer, or look for them at your Local Quilt Store.


<3 AGF