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Hi everyone,

My name is Lynne Kline and I am a CPA by day, and quilter/crafter whenever I can find the time. I am very blessed to have a space to call my own.  My job has some never-ending days and hours that I ‘m sure many people can identify with; this space allows me to release stress and express my creative freedom.

My space is actually half of our downstairs living area. Our house is a split-level, so as soon as you walk down the stairs the pool table is the first thing you see.   Originally, this area was our game room for the kids and their friends to hang out. But then the two older kids moved out, the pool table was no longer being used, and I was getting serious about quilting and needed a dedicated space.  I am a do-it-yourself type of person, and always seem to be working on a limited budget, so I got out my graph paper, measured the room, and started drawing.  What I came up with fits most of my needs and keeps the pool table, just in case.

Welcome to my craft room.  Let’s take a tour.


We covered the pool table with a large sheet of 3/4" ply board.  I have converted it into
my cutting table on one end, and my ironing area on the other end.  In the middle, I have piles of fabric and patterns that won't fit into the cubby holes (we'll get to those in a minute).  The fat quarters and half-yard pieces are folded and stored in shoe boxes.  I
also have, in the middle of the table on the other side, a basket (made by me) of UFOs, and a basket (also made by me) of embroidery thread.  Under the table are plastic containers with (more) fabric, yarn, general craft supplies, and more UFO's.

(Note: I might have a fabric addiction.) 


On the short wall I have a peg board full of basket making reeds of all different sizes.  The corner holds my large roll of quilt batting.  To the other side of the peg board, we have a fire place, with a TV over the fire place.


Along the left long wall I have 10' of desk space, cabinets, and shelving.  We built the shelving and attached it to the wall.  Inside the cubbies is (more) fabric, yarn, basket making supplies, software, embroidery hoops, magazines, pictures, and craft supplies.  


The desk area is divided into 2 main sitting or sewing areas.  It is a 10' piece of counter top from Lowe's that is sitting on 3 bottom cabinets.  The cabinets came from a Habitat for
Humanity Re-Store.  They were 80's yucky wood cabinets so I painted them inside and out.  I also have an inspiration wall over my sewing machine, and a ribbon and small design area over the other sitting area.


On top of the desk I havetwo sewing machines -- my Bernina that I use all the time and my old Singer that I still use sometimes -- laptop, thread, stamp pads, brushes, pens and pencils, etc.  And in the cabinets under the desk -- sewing notions, polyester fiber fill,
stabilizer, and stamping and scrapbooking supplies.


Where do I find my inspiration?  I get most of my inspiration from geometric shapes from architecture, drawings, tiles, or kid’s toys or books. I often find myself snapping pictures of something that catches my eye in thoughts that I might use it for a quilt down the road. 
For me the problem is not having inspiration, but having the time to implement the ideas.


So, although I have my own space, it is by no means secluded or private.  I am often sewing while the grandbabies are watching TV or playing with their toys around the pool table.  And when the fire place is lit, they love to prop up their feet in front of the fire and relax. 

So, that's it.  I finally got it clean for the first time in about a year, and it will be very nice to work in a clean room.  But I also have no misconceptions about it staying this way.

Like most creative individuals, I can be pretty messy.

Thanks for visiting.  Be sure to visit me at to see some of the projects I’m currently working on.


Thanks Lynn for sharing your space with us. It is always nice to see how everyone else creates and the space that inspires all the creativity.

If you have a sewing/creative space you want to share with us please email us at [email protected]. We love to share unique spaces :)