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Fat Quarter Gang - A Make It Your Own Tutorial by Maureen Cracknell Handmade

One Pattern Four Organizers


All of the organizers have the same base pattern pieces and by changing the stitching on the pockets you can personalize it to fit exactly what you need. We have made four organizer rolls with different functions to get your creativity started.

The Sewist is a great way to travel with all of your sewing supplies.


The Feel Better fits nicely in a bag if you are getting sick or know someone who is.



The Artist works great for makeup or art supplies.



The Scribbler is a great way to carry crayons for kids or if you ever get the urge to color.


*A little tip if you are making The Scribbler is to use dark fabric around where the crayons will be, although the rolls are washable it will keep it looking cleaner for longer. 

Here is a PDF diagram for the pocket sizes that we used.  Download One_Pattern_Four_Organizers

This project can be made out of two fat quarters or scraps that you already have on hand. This is a fun, fast, and easy project for any skill level. These make great gifts to give or keep for yourself. 

You will need three fabric rectangles. One (22" x 7") for the front, one (22" x 7") for the back, and one (22" x 7") for the pocket. You will also need one (21" x 3") piece of low loft fusible fleece and one (21" x 6") piece of lightweight fusible interfacing. We chose to close our organizers with a 30" length of ribbon but you can use elastic or a button if you choose.


The first thing you will do is iron the (21" x 6") piece of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of fabric you would like to be on the inside. Make sure that the interfacing is in the middle of the pattern piece. This will allow for a 1/2" around the edge that will not make your seams too bulky.

Then you press the piece of fabric for the pocket in half and press the (21" x 3") piece of fusible fleece to the inside making sure to center it and place it up against the fold. This will allow for padding in the pocket without having bulk in the seams. 


Pin the pocket to the inside piece of fabric that you have already interfaced. Make sure to line up the bottom and side edges.

Turn the stitches on your sewing machine to the longest length and baste the three bottom edges of the pocket to the inside. This will keep the pocket from moving and keep pins from getting in the way. 

Using a water soluable or disappearing ink pen and the stitching guide image to mark your parallel lines that you will stitch for your pocket.

Start with the middle lines and move outward sewing parallel lines. I find it easiest to start from the bottom and sew towards the center. You should backstitch at the top of each pocket to reinforce the pocket for repeated use.

In addition to backstitching I pulled the threads to the back and knotted the tails to keep a cleaner look. 


Fold your ribbon or elastic in half and pin it to one of the shorter edges. Make sure the pin the ribbon tails so they do not get caught in the stitching when stitching around the edges. 

Pin the remaining piece of fabric that will be the outside fabric to the inside fabric with pocket with right sides together. Make sure that you line up all of the front and back edges before you pin all around.

Sew around the edges with a 1/2" seam allowance being sure to leave a 3" opening at the bottom for turning. 


Trim and clip the corners before turning. After your organizer is all flipped right side out you should press. You can either handsew the opening in the bottom closed or topstitch around the whole organizer depending on the look you like. 


These are so fun to sew that I have two in my bag right now.


From Megan With Love