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Getting Groovy with Carnaby St. by Pat Bravo


Flower Power! Fashion! Peace and Love! This was the "Swinging London" movement of the 1960's. A movement that was a youth-oriented phenomenon that emphasized the new and modern. It was a period of optimism and hedonism, and a cultural revolution.

A time when the fashion and cultural scene flourished in London in the 1960s and Carnaby St. was the epicenter of it all. With bright colors and floral prints a movement that would shape the world began... and this collection embodies that era.

Groovy blooms and strong geometrics are the signature of this bright, colorful line, perfect for fashion, home decor, and apparel.

The video below is designer Pat Bravo's visual inspiration for Carnaby St.  and her view on what those "swinging" times were like.

CARNABY STREET Fabric Collection by Pat Bravo from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.

** Please note that no quilts where harmed in the making of this video (but I did fall into a cold cold pool)..  **

 We had sooo many looks and each one of us portrayed a different personality...




Megan_collage Anais_collage


And this quilt was just the most impressive thing flying off the back of this motor bike. We had many many takes and this was the best shot.

Want to make one for yourself? Here is the free pattern: go to and get you copy today!

We all had so much fun shooting this video. The fashion and the colors really had us feeling the 60's vibe where peace and love reined free.

For more on this collection keep an eye on Pat Bravo's blog, Soulful Eyes, for amazing projects and more beautiful pictures. She has a lot in store for Carnaby St. and we wouldn't want you to miss a thing! (spoiler... there may be a giveaway soon... shhh) 

Now for some coordinating Elements that you can use with Carnaby Street...

If you want to thrown in some solids to the mix, here is a list of Pure Elements that go great with Carnaby Street: PE-437 London Red, 405 Cherry Lipgloss, 439 Raspberry Rose, 411 Quartz Pink, 409 Light Citron, 416 Lemonade, 417 Emerald, 406 Burnt Orange, 407 Empire Yellow, 408 White Linen, 412 Tender Green, 424 Mirage Blue, 415 Parisian Blue, and 428 Nocturnal. 



And here is a list of Oval Elements that are just waiting to be combined with Carnaby: OE-913 Cranberry, 910 Sweet Pea, 928 Tangerine Tango, 901 Papaya Orange, 911 Golden, 900 Peacock. 918 Blue Lagoon, 932 Sapphire, 914 Emerald Coast, and 909 Key Lime.

We hope you have as much fun sewing with this collection as we have all had making, shooting and filming this far out video.


The AGF Team