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Getting Groovy with Carnaby St. by Pat Bravo
Happy Friday

All you need is love...

All over the blogosphere and world of social media Valentine's day is trending and beautiful images are upon your beck and call.  

We wanted to put together some of our favorites as well as some inspiration for those still looking for that last minute inspiration.


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Now there are so many different cards for Valentine's day. You can go for a store bought beauty or create something original and cute. The card above is super easy (I am sure we all have a set of matches just laying around waiting to induce a love-smitten smile on that special someone)... just please remember not to give it to children :)

But fear not ...

For the kiddies we have this lovely activity. Kids love surprises and we think that when they get home from school to find this on the front steps their day will just be made!

I'll wait right here while you set this up..... go on... I'm not going anywhere.

Oh... include a healthy snack with a cute saying. Even if they don't eat the fruit it is still the thought that counts..


Now for dinner... want something cute to serve as a side dish ?

How cute are those little heart potatoes? For a romantic dinner or a dinner with the family these are sure to be a hit.

Now.. to finish the night, a little dessert.

How ever you spend your day just know that no matter what you are loved. So whether it is a special someone, your kids or family; enjoy today and tell them all how much you love them.

Oh and one more thing.... You are special to us :)

Happy Valentine's Day

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