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Soulful Eyes.

The Creative Blog started off as a way for our founding designer, Pat Bravo, to share her inspirations, fabric and sewing information with all of the Art Gallery fans. Over the years, this blog has grown into so much more; a collaborative effort from the entire AGF family and as we have grown and added new designers it has only been a natural progression for Pat Bravo to have her own creative outlet to share her visions. With that we are very excited to announce the creation of Pat Bravo's personal blog, Soulful Eyes.

For quite some time now, Pat has wanted to have her own little nook of inspiration, where she can share, not only her quilting and sewing projects, but her design inspirations and personal stories. We know personally, that it is truly a dream come true for her.

"The name has a lot of meaning to me. I chose it specifically because I feel that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is a beautiful connection when you see something that evokes a feeling inside and gives you a sense of joy or excitement. I always feel that connection with the world around me. The intricate, the ornate, these are what entice me to design and to feel happy about and what better way to share it with you than my own little place on the Internet to call home."

And with this invitation, our founding designer and friend Pat Bravo, invites and welcomes you to take a look at the world through her eyes and find the beauty in all things. So head on over and take a peek at all that she has in store for you.

(P.S. Let her know we sent ya!)


Your AGF Team