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Fat Quarter Gang - Jess's Jewelry Pouch by Create Kids Couture


Hi everyone!!! Shannon from Create Kids Couture here and I couldn't be happier <3 Tiffany and I love Art Gallery Fabrics so much that we used their fabrics on all of the paper patterns covers from our fall line, so us being a part of the Fat Quarter Gang is a dream come true!

I brought our "A" game today and have a super cute tutorial that is perfect for the upcoming holidays. Not only can you make it for yourself if you do any travelling over the holidays, but you can easily whip them up as gifts for your girlfriends or loved ones. 

Jess's Jewelry Pouch
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Materials Needed:
Cutting Chart:
Everything you need to cut out is in the pattern piece above. Just click on "Pattern Piece" under "Materials Needed" and it will pull up the file. When printing out the pattern piece make sure the page-scaling is set to "None". This is VERY important. Tape the black lines together so they are one on top of another being sure to match up the letters. It should now look like the image below.

Once the pattern piece is complete, cut out 2 large circles (red line) and 2 small circles (blue line) as shown below. I'm using the gorgeous Floressence line ::swoon:: Lastly, cut out one 3" circle out of the padding/fabric scrap of your choice.
Step 1: Choose which one of the large circles will be the outside fabric of the jewelry pouch. Measure down 1.25" from the end of the circle you chose and, following your machines instructions for making a buttonhole, make a small buttonhole. (Note that my button hole is at 1.5". I was barely able to complete it. I found it to work better when I made the buttonhole at 1.25". Unfortunately, it had been awhile since I last made one and my memory failed me while making the sample for this tutorial! lol.)
Step 2: Choose which one of the smaller circles will be the inside of the pockets (this fabric is the least seen). Find the center of the circle and baste on the 3" fleece circle. This circle serves as an extra padding and adds a little structure to the bottom of the pouch.
Step 3: Pin the two large circles right sides together. As indicated in red below, sew around the entire outside of the circles leaving a 1.5" opening to turn the circle right side out. Repeat with the two smaller circles.
Step 4: Turn the large circle right side out. Topstitch 1/8" from the edge around the entire circle. This will close your opening, make it lay flat, and give it a professional look. Repeat with the smaller circle. 
Step 5: Make a casing for the cording using the buttonhole placement as your guide. The top of the buttonhole should line up with the top of the casing and the bottom of the buttonhole should line up with the bottom of the casing. Use guides on your sewing machine to help keep your stitches straight.
Step 6: Center the smaller circle on the larger circle with the inside of the larger circle facing the inside of the smaller circle. Pin in place. Transfer the lines from the pattern piece to the outside of the smaller circle using a fabric marker or chalk that can easily be removed as shown below. These lines will include the 3" circle as well as the lines used to create the pockets.
Step 7: Stitch everything together through all 4 layers following only the lines we've drawn. Don't forget to backstitch at the lines that are creating the pockets so that they are very secure.
Step 8: Take the 1 yard of cording and thread it through the casing using a safety pin.
Step 9: Knot the ends of the cording so that it doesn't fray.
Pull the cording to gather the circles until they create a pouch. Put all of your jewelry in there when you are getting ready to travel and they will remain separated so there are no more tangles or damaged jewelry. It's surprisingly compact; super easy to throw in your purse when you're flying or if you don't want to leave them in the hotel room. 
My pouch was able to fit all of this jewelry (7 necklaces and 7 bracelets) and they were not small pieces! They weighed in at a whopping 2 lbs total weight!
I really hope you enjoyed our tutorial and that you find a little time to whip some of these up for the holidays! It really is a quick sew and will last for years! It would be super fun as a stocking stuffer or add some jewelry and make it a nice gift. Would be perfect as a bridesmaids gift too! 
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Happy Sewing!

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