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Providing Decadence: Splendor 1920 by Bari J.


Inspired by the high society of the 1920's in Europe, Splendor 1920 has a deliciously decadent feel with a modern mix of florals, lively nature inspired prints and art deco geometrics that will inspire quilters and sewers alike.

SPLENDOR 1920 Fabric Collection by Bari J. from Art Gallery Fabrics on Vimeo.

If you prefer to see this video on YouTube please click here.

The 1920's was a decade of entertainment. A time when families gathered around the radio listening to their favorite variety show while mom stitched away, dad puffing on a pipe and the kids cuddled under a quilt. 

 1decoDreams_quiltWEB(Free quilt pattern: Deco Dreams)


Inspired by a period when times were simpler and manners were of the up-most importance.

12splendor1920_Mia2WEBA mixture of prints that are sure to set your imagination on a time travel back to the days of the Charleston, Fox-trot, and the shimmy...


A woman's style was full of class and elegance. A time when fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes and shorter skits.
5splendor1920_placemat(Holiday in London bag pattern by Bari J. Pattern available here)

13splendor1920_girl_coatWEB(McKenzie Dress-up Coat Pattern. Available here)

Splendor 1920 is a collection that lends itself to all aspects of the sewing and quilting world. From clothing to home decor, this collection is one that will add sophistication to any project.  So put on your favorite episode of Dowton Abby, grab a cup of tea and get those needles ready for the "Roaring 20's"

Happy Sewing!

<3 Bari J. and your AGF Family

Fat Quarter Gang - Jess's Jewelry Pouch by Create Kids Couture


Hi everyone!!! Shannon from Create Kids Couture here and I couldn't be happier <3 Tiffany and I love Art Gallery Fabrics so much that we used their fabrics on all of the paper patterns covers from our fall line, so us being a part of the Fat Quarter Gang is a dream come true!

I brought our "A" game today and have a super cute tutorial that is perfect for the upcoming holidays. Not only can you make it for yourself if you do any travelling over the holidays, but you can easily whip them up as gifts for your girlfriends or loved ones. 

Jess's Jewelry Pouch
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Materials Needed:
Cutting Chart:
Everything you need to cut out is in the pattern piece above. Just click on "Pattern Piece" under "Materials Needed" and it will pull up the file. When printing out the pattern piece make sure the page-scaling is set to "None". This is VERY important. Tape the black lines together so they are one on top of another being sure to match up the letters. It should now look like the image below.

Once the pattern piece is complete, cut out 2 large circles (red line) and 2 small circles (blue line) as shown below. I'm using the gorgeous Floressence line ::swoon:: Lastly, cut out one 3" circle out of the padding/fabric scrap of your choice.
Step 1: Choose which one of the large circles will be the outside fabric of the jewelry pouch. Measure down 1.25" from the end of the circle you chose and, following your machines instructions for making a buttonhole, make a small buttonhole. (Note that my button hole is at 1.5". I was barely able to complete it. I found it to work better when I made the buttonhole at 1.25". Unfortunately, it had been awhile since I last made one and my memory failed me while making the sample for this tutorial! lol.)
Step 2: Choose which one of the smaller circles will be the inside of the pockets (this fabric is the least seen). Find the center of the circle and baste on the 3" fleece circle. This circle serves as an extra padding and adds a little structure to the bottom of the pouch.
Step 3: Pin the two large circles right sides together. As indicated in red below, sew around the entire outside of the circles leaving a 1.5" opening to turn the circle right side out. Repeat with the two smaller circles.
Step 4: Turn the large circle right side out. Topstitch 1/8" from the edge around the entire circle. This will close your opening, make it lay flat, and give it a professional look. Repeat with the smaller circle. 
Step 5: Make a casing for the cording using the buttonhole placement as your guide. The top of the buttonhole should line up with the top of the casing and the bottom of the buttonhole should line up with the bottom of the casing. Use guides on your sewing machine to help keep your stitches straight.
Step 6: Center the smaller circle on the larger circle with the inside of the larger circle facing the inside of the smaller circle. Pin in place. Transfer the lines from the pattern piece to the outside of the smaller circle using a fabric marker or chalk that can easily be removed as shown below. These lines will include the 3" circle as well as the lines used to create the pockets.
Step 7: Stitch everything together through all 4 layers following only the lines we've drawn. Don't forget to backstitch at the lines that are creating the pockets so that they are very secure.
Step 8: Take the 1 yard of cording and thread it through the casing using a safety pin.
Step 9: Knot the ends of the cording so that it doesn't fray.
Pull the cording to gather the circles until they create a pouch. Put all of your jewelry in there when you are getting ready to travel and they will remain separated so there are no more tangles or damaged jewelry. It's surprisingly compact; super easy to throw in your purse when you're flying or if you don't want to leave them in the hotel room. 
My pouch was able to fit all of this jewelry (7 necklaces and 7 bracelets) and they were not small pieces! They weighed in at a whopping 2 lbs total weight!
I really hope you enjoyed our tutorial and that you find a little time to whip some of these up for the holidays! It really is a quick sew and will last for years! It would be super fun as a stocking stuffer or add some jewelry and make it a nice gift. Would be perfect as a bridesmaids gift too! 
Don't forget to share your beautiful pictures of what you make with us in the Flickr Group. You can find more free tutorials from Create Kids Couture on our blog. You can also join us and our 13,000 fans on Facebook; we have an amazingly active page so check it out! Last but not least, you can also find us on Pinterest and Twitter...our other addicitions.
Happy Sewing!

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See ya next week,

<3 Your AGF team


We all gather inspiration from many different places. Many of us like to look through blogs and some grab that fav magazine to pull from. Wherever we gather from, one thing is for sure, what we create is definitely a labor of love. Floressence_Lilly_V
So we ask... What inspires you to create?

We really pour our hearts into our projects and it clearly shows. So we ask....

Fat Quarter Gang - Nice & Neat Manicure Kit by I Heart Linen


Hi All!  Rashida visiting again from, I Heart Linen land with my second tutorial for the Fat Quarter Gang!

Today I've put together a super simple and easy tutorial for a manicure kit.  Just in time for the holidays, I think it would make such a cute gift for a friend or loved one.  


It opens up with ample room for all the tools one would need to keep those fingernails looking lovely.  (You know all that typing and texting can take its toll on the digits. ^_~)

It then folds up nice and compact to be taken along with you. The design is pretty basic, but it's perfect launch pad to take the design and really make it your own.  Let's take a look!


 Finished Size:

(Folded) 7 1/2" x 5 1/4"

(Unfolded) 7 1/2" x 13 1/2"




4 gorgeous fat quarters from Art Gallery Fabrics 

Fusible Fleece


Coordinating Thread

1 Magnetic Snap

Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat

Acrylic Ruler

Water Soluble Pen 

Loop Turner

Seam Ripper 



Cut two 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" rectangles (1 print each)

Cut two 2" x 10" strips (1 print)

Cut one  2 1/2" x 42" bias strip (1 print)


INSTRUCTIONS (Note: 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.)

Following the manufacturer's instructions fuse fleece to the wrong side of the 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" rectangles.  


Using a spool of thread or a similiar round object mark two rounded corners with a water soluble pen or pencil.  Trim the corners. Set aside. 



Take one 2" x 10" strip and fold in half lengthwise right sides together.  Stitch along the raw edge.  

Repeat with the remaining 2" x 10" strip. 


Using a loop turner, turn the strips inside out and press. 

Pin one strip about 5 3/4" down from the top of the right side of the 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" rectangle you plan to use as the inner panel. 


This next step will depend upon which tools you plan to put in your kit.  Place the tools underneath the strip and make a mark on either side of the tools with a water soluble pen or a pencil.  Using a backstitch at the beginning and end, stitch a small line over the marks you just made.


Repeat the previous steps for the bulkier tools with the remaining strip.  This time pinning about 3 inches from the bottom of the inner panel, leaving a bit of ease for the tool to slip underneath the strip.  Don't forget to remove the pins!



Next, take the 'male'  magnetic snap and make a mark with the prongs about an inch from the top of the inner panel in the center.  Take your seam ripper and gently cut the two marks you just made.


Slip the prongs through the holes.


Flip the inner panel over, slip the back of the snap over the prongs and flatten them.  You can just use your fingers if you're feeling like Superman or a pair of pliers. 


Repeat the previous steps with the 'female' part of the snap on the bottom of the outer panel about 1 3/4" from the bottom. Snaps are done!


Place the two 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" panels wrong sides together.  You can hand baste these two panels together OR to make this project even quicker, just spray the wrong side of one of the panels with Heat and Bond Basting Adhesive.  Then place stick the two panels together.  I prefer this method because it's not only quick, but it will keep the panels from shifting when you fold them up.  

Finally, bind the kit with the bias tape starting at the center bottom.  This way you can make one mitered corner, THEN the curves, and finish off with the last mitered corner.  

Be sure to carefully pin the curves as you go.  


 Add your tools and voila!  A happy little manicure kit!  Enjoy! ^_~



'Have you started your Christmas making already?  Whatchya makin'???  Leave a
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See ya next week,

<3 Rashida & Your AGF team


Fall International Quilt Market 2012 Recap


So we are back from market and finally get a chance to catch up with you all. We are very happy to report that this has been one of most fun to date.

This market we had our newest designers with us and it was so great to see them debut their collections and really show the quilting world what they are made of!

Here is a our video re-cap of Huston Quilt Market 2012...


Now let us show you some of the great things AGF and the fam had for everyone...

First up we have Pat Bravo. Her booth featured Rock 'n Romance and had a real grunge meets Vogue feel to it. The glitter, the fabric, the use of duck tape... oh my!


Pat's booth provided a collision of glamour and rebellion.



Then their is Bari J. and her Downton Abby inspired collection Splendor 1920. This bed was amazing! All the ruffles and really the details in the booth we inspiring.

Bari J_booth
One of our many favorite accents in Bari J.'s booth was the Union Jack quilted ottoman.

Bari J_stool

Then we have our newest designer Sarah Watson! She debuted her collection Luxe In Bloom and guess what....
She won 1st place for single booth.. yay!!!


And making it in to market for the first time are:

In Color Order's very own Jeni Baker with her debut collection Color Me Retro.


And here is the booth that was shared by Jeni and our other new designer uber notorious long arm quilter Angela Walters debuting her collection Textures.


Take a look at this beautiful quilting...


Love the love embossed quilting *swoon*


And now the AGF booth... *drum roll please*


Oh the wheels of color...


Thank you for joining us for this recap and we hope to see you in Portland for Spring International Quilt Market.

Did you go to market? If so what was your fav booth and if not what would be the booth you would be most forward to seeing?


With love,

Pat, Bari, Sarah, Jeni, Angela & the AGF team


Enchanting London

My recent trip to London got me super excited thinking about different blog posts to share with you... I didn't have time to put this together until now (my apologies to all UK friends that were waiting for this recap), and today is a great opportunity to tell you everything about it.

What a beautiful city London is... All my childhood dreams (I always wanted to be here) came through when I visited their streets, museums and I have to confess... many shops :) It is impossible not to be enchanted with the whole tradition that emerges in each of their products, from furniture to clothing and home decor. Oh... it seems that home decor stores are not of this world ... they take us back to an era of elegance and unique beauty! I walked, and walked and walked until my legs collapsed :)


Seven days only left us thinking the best way to organize the places we wanted to go and how to make the best of it. Since this trip was inspirational for my new lines, Walter was ready to go with my plan to help me see and photograph the most I could!

The first day we went to Notting Hill, filled with flea markets, trendy art galleries, Portobello Road and so many boutiques! We just wandered the streets to be surprised a lot! I would love to bring back a little bit of everything I saw there...

This amazing turquoise color left me wanting to use it throughout my home...


So very vintage...

Traditional British china was everywhere! I wanted to buy every piece, but then I thought it was too risky to bring them back :( So I took many pictures just in case because I was so inspired with these wonderful floral designs. And oh... the birds!


There was a thrift jewelry shop where the vintage pieces didn't seem ever to end. Walls and walls were filled with exquisite necklaces, rings... I couldn't stop thinking who would have used these pieces in the past.

This lovely boutique got me window shopping for a long time, I couldn't get enough with all the shabby chick style. They make every window looks like a inspiration board! How about this style if you plan to update your sewing room?


Couldn't do anything other than to stay like I was bewitched looking and looking..

Pure beauty everywhere <3


I LOVE the mustard bag and everything around it, lol!
Zara_storeThe famous Zara Home, where I could see amazing textiles put together to tell a mesmerizing story of flowers and color!

Are you inspired as I was? I hope you can use these images to motivate you on your next sewing project or help you get ideas to decorate a corner of your home!

I took so many pictures that I could not possibly share them all here, but I think there are many that deserve a second post, as my visit to Liberty of London (they are to dye for!) and the classes I gave at a quilt shop which you will fall in love with: Quilters Haven!

So see you soon, Pat