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Dreaming to be a Rockstar!

Hi everyone!

How is your week doing? Mine looks pretty busy! Lots of things to do and one of the most important is that I HAVE to shave Lucas' hair completely! I confess I'm guilty because I didn't brush him everyday, so he is a walking tangle by now... Look at him!

This time he refused to pose at the beginning, but then he layed down on the floor like knowing I wanted to take a pic of a tuft of his hair, lol!

I had to do this once in the past and, believe it or not, his behavior changed completely! He started to act weird, like shy and not happy for quite a few days... Let's see what happens now :)

Having Quilt Market around the corner, makes me really excited... like going to a rock concert! I'm preparing new things for my booth along with the release of my new line of fabrics and 1 pattern. Yay!

Speaking about rock, I can finally show you this awesome video the girls and I did for my Rock 'n Romance line :) I LOVE how it came out and I hope you can get inspired to create your best projects. My greatest joy, EVERYTIME I design a line, is to spark your creativity and see your pics and how happy you are sharing them! That's the "it" moment for me :) 

At last R 'n R is finally hitting stores right now and I can't thank you enough for your patience and the time you've been waiting for it. So without further ado: Here's Rock 'n Romance!

I think we all need a little Rock 'n Romance in our lives. This playful and fun collection in subdued hues will allow you to reveal your inner rock-star. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Here is the complete range. How fun is to design a line like this? Believe I enjoyed every minute of it!


The Rock 'n Romance crew!

We had so much fun filming this video, these girls truly rock stars! It was a lot of prepping, organizing, shooting and editing and I can't thank enough to all the people that participated! I'm a 100% believer that the greatness inside every human being is what makes anything they touch great, don't you think?


This mega cool Skull Quilt was created by my dear friend and quilting extraordinaire Maureen Cracknell

Rocker's budoir - Star-studded free quilt pattern, bedrunner, and decorative pillows. A little outdoor lights and pink carnations to revamp your room a la R 'n R



Here is the video; I can't wait for you to see it and tell me what you think! Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it :)

Reveal your inner rock star, be daring, and celebrate femininity!

Much love,




Fat Quarter Gang - "Mind Your Manners" Viole Napkins by I'm A Ginger Monkey

Hi! It's Katy from Im A Ginger Monkey here and today on the Art Gallery blog I'm showing you how to make some super simple napkins that look like you've been shopping at a fancy home wares store.

Napkins - name
These napkins are perfect for hostess gifts and holidays and are so simple you'll end up wanting to make hundreds!

What you'll need for 4 napkins:

4 fat quarters of AGF Voile
batting scraps
perle cotton or embroidery floss

I decided to use voile for my napkins because it's so soft and luxurious and the reverse side isn't as obvious as with regular quilting cottons. You could use any cotton fabric, but if you've never tried the Art Gallery voiles I would totally recommend you doing so, they're amazing and the softest fabrics you'll ever touch! I intend to use voile to back my next quilt - imagine how soft that would be?

First up, give you FQs a really good press all over to remove the creases.

1. Make into a square by folding the bottom right hand corner up and trimming off the excess.


2. Fold in around the perimeter on the wrong side of the fabric by 1/2", press and do the same again. Pin all the way round.


3. I found the voiles were no different to sew than regular Art Gallery fabrics, but you may want to lengthen your stitch a touch for this next step. Sew nice and close to the seam all the way round.


4. Cut 4 circles approximately 3" across per napkin (so 16 for all 4 napkins) and 4 squares from batting scraps around 1.25" square.


5. Screw a batting square into a ball and place in the centre of the wrong side of each circle


6. Gather up the edges keeping the ball nice and tight in the middle of the circle to form a little ball with a tail.



7. Wrap some regular cotton thread around the tail and add a few stitches to keep it nice and secure.



8. Take some perle cotton or embroidery floss and attach a ball to each corner of the napkins.


Admire your fancy napkins, and wipe your face in style!

Want to get your hands on some AGF violes? Enter to win the collection of voiles over at Katy's blog -  I'm A Ginger Monkey.
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Happy Sewing!

<3 AGF & The Fat Quarter Gang