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Fat Quarter Gang - Kindle wrap-up by Sukie Don't Ya Know

Hey everyone, my name is Sukie from and today’s Fat Quarter Gang tutorial is for your Kindle Fire owners – if you don’t have a kindle then that’s okay, this could be used to hold other things like your small hand projects.

Today’s tutorial is made up from a mixture of Pure Elements and Oval Elements. It doesn't take a lot of fabric to make this project at all!

I hope you have enjoy making the Kindle Wrap! If you do, please be sure to join and upload a picture to the flickr group.

I will be also giving a fat quarter pack away on my blog so head on over Red Rover!


Now to start the Kindle Wrap-up


(8) 4x4 inch solid blocks

(8) 4x4 inch print blocks

(8) Strips of Solids in Various lengths from 1.5 to 3 wide, 10 inches long

(2) 6x9.5 panels

(2) 6x9.5 Pellon Shape Felx

(1) 14in long 2.5 Binding strip

(1) snap set


Assembling hour glass:

1. Take your solid blocks and pair them with your prints, randomly

2. With your ruler, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner – this represents your cut line.


3. With your ruler, draw a diagonal line 0.25 from the center line and repeat on the other side – these represent your stitch lines.

4. Place right sides together and stitch

5. With your rotary cutter – slice on the line your marked for corner to corner – press seam open.

6. You should have a nice half square triangle -  with your rotary cutter, cut that in half

7. Repeat for the remaining pairs

8. Randomly pair your hour glass halves together and pin seams together

9. Stitch together with a  ¼ inch seam


Trimming hour glass blocks:

1.Grab your square ruler

2. Line the diagonal line to your hour glass line

3. Make sure the center of the hour glass is in the center of the “bull’s eye” of the ruler see picture for more details

4. Trim

5. Turn the block and line the ends at the 3inch line and make sure the diagonal line on the ruler lines up with the diagonal line of the hour glass

6. Trim

7. Repeat for the remaining pairs

8. Set aside


Assembling Stacks

  1. Grab the (8) sets of strips
  2. Sew them together with a ¼ seam allowance
  3. Cut a 6 x 9.5 piece
  4. Cut a 3.5 x 9.5 piece
  5. Set aside


Putting the wrap together

1. Sew your hour glass blocks together, try pairing them with print hour glass and then solid hour glass

2. Take the 3.5x9.5 stack strip and sew that to your hour glass strip (this is the front panel)

3. Apply your interfacing to the (2) 6x9.5 panels

4. Take (1) interfaced panel and the front panel, right sides together and sew around the side and bottom leaving top open.

5. Press seams open and flip inside out

6. Take (1) interfaced panel and the remain stack panel, right sides together and sew around the side and bottom with right sides together – sew the panels around the edge leaving the top open

7. Press seams open and flip inside out

8. Stuff the in the pouch and make sure seams line up.

9. Put bind on


10. Place snap in center of pouch and use your tools to set snap in place (I recommend Snap Setter)

11. Grab Kindle and place in wrap


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Happy Sewing!

<3 Sukie, The Fat Quarter Gang & AGF