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AGF has a new fabric designer!

There are moments like these when I remember why I founded Art Gallery Fabrics in 2004... I wanted to offer a different design and color approach in quilting fabrics, and I had beautiful dreams on how my company would evolve! I was designing all our collections myself with so much love, and with the hope that you would like them and use them for your quilting and sewing projects. And you did! I am so thankful and humble for that :)

In all these years, your response to our brand has been overwhelming! Two seasons ago I thought that the incorporation of new designers that share my same goal was the right path to follow... Bari J, Sarah Watson and lately Jeni Baker became part of our family! Your love for their collections throughout your comments and emails make me sooo happy!!

But I have news for you! I'm so proud to introduce to you the newest member that will join the AGF family of designers, an awesome gal that is called "the Rolls Royce of modern machine quilting"!!


Her exquisite stitching designs started speaking on their own, and became the natural path to her first collection with us. You will be delighted!

Do you want to know who she is? I encourage you to click "play" to find out!!


And here is the sneek peek into what the collection will look like ...

Included in this collection is the Right Angles panel that will have various uses as well as a guide into modern quilting.


I am pleased to present all these wonderful talents to you all. I hope that all these new collections will inspire you to create and share all the beautiful things you make. 


Pat Bravo