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When Sewing Goes Wrong... the group.

Hey peeps,

You know that moment when you are sewing away like a mad woman all the while getting some TV time in and manging to keep the kids under control... then you pull the final product out of the machine to admire your handy work and notice... oops... I royally messed it up.

YOGA MAT-03(New AGF designer Sarah Watson shows us her sewing mistake during her yoga mat adventure)

Who here has sewn a block wrong? Sewn a pocket upside down? Sewn a pant leg inside out? Sewn a pocket closed? *gasp*

We all have made a sewing blunder at least once or twice (or more than we care to admit to) in our sewing journey.

7753281502_753f08815e(sewing blunder by @Allegorical who shouldn't watch Doctor Who when making Farmer's Wife blocks)

Therefore during Talkin Tueday's twitter chat Ms. Allegory and Art Gallery Fabrics hatched a sewing group that would not only celebrate these sewing mishaps but would also help in case you had no clue where things went awry.

So go on over and join the Flickr fun... and most importantly follow in the groups mantra "Bring us your ugly and we'll celebrate it with you, Bring us your broken and we'll collaborate to fix it."

And if you are a brave and dare to tweet your sewing mishap then use the tag #SewingFail.... we will be following :)

Happy sewing!

May your thread be strong & machine be speedy (and sewing blunder be EPIC)

<3 The AGF Team