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Fat Quarter Gang - Fly With Me mini quilt by I Heart Linen

Pat Bravo invites you to travel the world with her Indie video.

Hi guys!

I'm so excited and proud to share with you the final cut of my INDIE video here!

Indie_fabricDonutI would like to invite all of you to take a look into a new world that is Indie. Born from a long heritage of highly skilled artisans, it celebrates austere, “back to the roots” beauty with globally-inspired prints and exotic florals in an eclectic palette.


My lovely girls finally pulled through shooting this video with a wintery look. Imagine doing this in the heat of Miami! 




Looking at the two color pallettes you can feel the cultures unite and blend to create a unique experience. The eclectic-ness of the prints work to create a very different look with every combination.





An artful pairing of florals, Chinese period damasks, and ethnic african and tribal prints come together as a fusion of cultures in these textile designs.

Perfect for quilting, apparel and home-decor as well, they invite you to experience a spiritual journey and create your own handmade memories.

Maureen Handmade
Recreate the "Anthropologie" look around your house with this mesmerizing collection!


Free Gitana Quilt pattern shown in the Midnight Temple.

And now the best part of releasing a collection (well second best).. the video:


Until next collection...

Happy Sewing <3

Pat Bravo & The AGF Team