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Sewing Room of the Month


 May's Sewing room of the month goes to...

Kit Lang from Kit Lang Fiber Art
Kit  has shared with us the 2 year long transformation from sewing space to sewing haven! She was on a tight budget, sacrificed her show addiction and come out with a space that she can rein over. Take a tour with her below....

Well it's done - I finally finished my sewing room - a project two years in the making! This is what I started with:

1 - pic one

and these were the walls:

2 - pic two
Organized and usable, right? But I wanted something more.

While working within the constraints of my space (a basement room with one small window) not to mention a budget, after two years I saved $2,000.00 (many shoes were sacrificed in the pursuit of my sewing room) and finally, I was able to begin....

I began by stripping it down this:

3 - pic three

Everything was moved out, the carpet was pulled up, and I was ready to start. After laying paint, laying laminate flooring (purchased at Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store!) it became...

4 - pic four

Well come on in and let me show you around! The bookshelf contains my quilting books and art books, and the stacked dressers on either side contain:

5 - pic five

All my scraps arranged by colour. :) At the back of my room is the Great Wall of Thread with rulers/stencils:

6 - pic six

Underneath the wall of thread are more dressers with more scraps, and to the left you can see a peek of what the wall on the left has been put to use for:

7 - pic seven

Folded yardage. The stuff I use most in the bins turned on their sides (to protect from dust and light) And if you follow along that wall, you'll see:

8 - pic eight

The frames I use for stretching my fabric on before I paint it, and a little corner:

9 - pic nine

That has baskets containing my bits and bobs, paints, beads and even more thread!

10 - pic ten

Underneath my L-shaped tables are baskets containing my dyeing things...

11 - pic eleven

And here's my design wall and Judy.

12 - pic twelve

Thanks so much for coming to visit me - I do hope you'll drop by again!


Thank you sooo much Kit for sharing your space. You are one resourceful lady! I can clearly see that you have given your space a lot of thought and love. Truly inspirational.

Ladies (& gents) if you have a sewing space that you would just love everyone to see drop us a line. Send an email (with pics or link to blog post) about your sewing room...

Share with us the lovely space that inspires and where all the magic happens:

May your thread be strong and your machine speedy :)

<3, Anais