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Project Challenge 2012 - Challnge # 6 - Placemat

Spring Quit Market 2012- COLOR FOR YOUR EYES!

Hi everybody!

OMG!! We are beyond belief with your warm reception to the coolest sewing group in town : the FAT QUARTER GANG! Thank you SO MUCH for all your comments and your sense of humor :)

We assure you it's going to be a really fun event that'll take an entire year of awesome quilting and sewing projects! We are so proud of this "brotherhood" of loving bloggers <3

Now that we came back from Kansas City, let us show you a bit our backstage at the show. Exhibiting at Quilt Market is not an easy thing... It takes the love of a group of people that work really hard to show stores the new fabric lines and patterns for that season. 


This time was really funny... here are the crates arriving and Walter inspecting...


Sample Spree was the craziest ever!! We've been mobbed by the crowd... lol! Here is Angie getting ready for the 2 hours wild experience :)


Alex was emptying boxes and more boxes of bundles.


Walter looks really happy, doesn't he?


Fabiana was more than ready to start selling!


Kathy wanted to arrange fabrics by color on the tables...


Anais (for those of you that don't know her, she is our Social Media Coordinator) came to Market for the first time and was blown away by the whole thing... She loved it!


Laura came with us for the first time (she is Fashion Designer and Pattern Writer) and she was thrilled!

Pure Elements showing here - Color Blocking theme? 


Rhapsodia bundles - yummy!! 

For Art Gallery Fabrics booth this time we wanted to display color and more color, so we came with the idea of a giant quilt on the walls showing many of our fabrics (quilts? yes please!). Some benches with coordinated pillows and quilts finish the scene... 


Quilts Inc. liked the display at our booth so much that they gave us the Merchandising Award. What an honor... We're jumping and screaming a lot!!

We are well known for being funny and we love for you to have fun as well, so watch this video with the highlights of the show :)


In all, a very happy Quilt Market! It was really good to see well known friends again, meet new ones and have fun talking about what we all love: FABRICS & QUILTS!!

Because this is a very long post, we will start showing you new lines from our designers in separated posts, so be ready to be blown away with great design and beautiful colors soon.. 

XOXO, the AGF team