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Rhapsodia, a collection of wanderlust!

Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to share with you the launch of our latest collection RHAPSODIA!

We want you to enter a world of golden sands and lustrous emeralds. Rhapsodia will take you on an exotic journey to far away destinations and places so beautiful and rich in color that you can only dream of... When you look at Rhapsodia you will experience the ethnic textures that were inspired by a world of rituals, rich foods, dance and the lights of Bollywood.


This collection inspired us to make long flowing skirts accented with caramel colored belts and airy tops.

A glorious mix of large and small scale prints create a cultural infusion of style.


Color and prints collide in a glorious fashion.


We love this shoulder bag we did for the shooting (free tutorial soon) 



Add Missoni inspired prints to your wardrobe and you'll be talking fashion :)



These beautiful dresses were made to inspire your inner exotic princess...


Do you like this new quilt? It's "Heritage", specially designed by Pat for the Rhapsodia line. The best part? This pattern is totally free and you can download it here!

And now our favorite part: the official video promo for Rhapsodia! We invite you to watch it, share it on facebook, on twitter, on pinterest or any of your favorite stalking platforms (LOL).


We are really happy with this line and... when we are happy we say..... GIVEAWAY! Yes, a 1/4 bundle of BOTH COLORWAYS will be given to one lucky winner! All you have to say is the name of your favorite Rhapsodia fabric and you are in! If you "like" Pat Bravo Facebook Page you qualify for a second entry... (be sure to mention you liked her in your comment)   


The winner will be announced next Monday, May 7th, best of luck!

Happy Traveling...

The AGF team.


*** Giveaway is now closed, Thank you all for participating ***

Decorative Stitches for Modern Quilting part 2

Hey everybody!

In the 1st installment I've talked about how straight lines or geometric quilting create more impact and how that can be complemented with thread color as well. I also showed you how to do this block step by step here.

In this installment I'll show about different decorative stitches and how the stitch can portray a certain style. By altering the combinations between stitch and color you can create infinite moods with the same elements. In the following blocks I will demonstrate exactly what I mean:

The first of our decorative stitches is what I call the Triple X-Cross Hemstitch. This could be an easy transition for the craftier quilter going into the modern quilting trend. The pattern of the stitch adds an element of the “homemade” style while the freshness of the fabric colors highlights the contemporary elements in this block. If you like this crafty, heavy stitching look, this one is for you!

Block 1 - close up
 This is what the finished block looks like...

Block 1 - whole view

The second block displays a Rick-Rack Stitch. In fact, this is a triple zig-zag stitch. It is the solid example of how a simple change in the density of the stitch can make the quilting motif more special and interesting. When combined with uncommon color groups, the stitch adds to create a more cultural block.

Block 2 - close up

Here is how the block looks when finished...

Block 2 - whole view
The third stitch is the Tribal Hemstitch (shown below) merges modernity in the geometric stitch and in the background it works with a classic yet refreshing palette. Its tribal-looking quilting motif brings in an ethnic air that makes this block an eclectic one; catering to many different styles. If your machine has this stitch, go for it because it's really fun!

Block 3 - close up

Ohhh look at how nice it is coming out....

Block 3 - close up etc

And this is the final result...

Block 3 -whole view
On this fourth block you can see a Ladder Stitch. This intricate yet geometrically simple stitch is the epitome of modernism. Its straight and enclosed angles provide a depth within the block; almost providing a 3D effect that earns this block an award for “The Most Modern”.

Block 4 - close up

This is the finished block...

Block 4 - whole view

The final stitch is the Single-Diamond Overcast Stitch. This stitch provides subtlety against the greens and blues chosen for this block, and it offers a soft approach toward the modern world of quilting. It’s a simple transition that will go a long way.

Black 5 - close up

I love the look of this block...

Block 5 -  whole view
These are the first set of examples of how a change of stitch can unwrap an infinity of styles, and create a greater impact when used instead of the regular straight stitch. If you have all these stitches in your sewing machine, it's time to put them to good use... don't you think?

I love this kind of tutorials and I hope you like them too!! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the box below. There is nothing better than reading your opinions :)

Stay tuned for the final set of examples and I'll teach you a trick on how to hide the threads that remain when you are quilting blocks individually.

Love & Happy quilting!