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We came back from Spring Quilt Market as winners...
AGF's Fat Quarter Gang

How to start your own Fat Quarter Gang.


Wanna know how to start your own Fat Quarter Gang like us? Well here are some guidelines:

1. Find a few friends that love to sew and have some time on their hands. 

2. Convince your friends to all wear the same color clothes as you and create a secret sign or handshake. (Preferably a cool sign or handshake.)

3. Give each other cool nicknames, apply temporary tat's and sew your cool gang names onto your clothes.

4. Start walking around your neighborhood. *Don't smile.*

5. Holler at an occasional girl/guy walking by and ask people if they “Sew or what!”.
(By holler I mean shout) example: "Why hello miss do you sew or what!"

6. As people begin to notice your gang invite them to join. The more the merrier!

7. In order to create buzz about your gang create some sort of post and let people know what’s up.

example: Post about some cool projects that you’re doing and possibly host a giveaway or two… but keep it street.

8. Meet up in dark alleys and discuss color stories and the importance of good thread. You know hardcore stuff.

9. Use only Phat Quarta's (fat quarters) in your sewing projects... why? Cuz Phat Quarta's imply that you are gangsta, it's in the name ya know.

10. Always be ready with your mending kit hidden.. you never know when your need to "Sew a Stitch"

Congratulations, after following all these steps you now have your own sewing gang!

(featuring Kat "Von-Delicious" & Anais "SocialPath")

Some of you may be asking "What are these crazy people talking about?" and "Who could possibly be in an AGF gang?"

Well to find out you will have to stay tuned ... we promise it is well worth the wait :)

Let's sew this! ;)

<3 AGF team